Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy

Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy- Wedding Affair

It is difficult to fall in love but it’s even more difficult to stay in love. Love is an emotion that makes us care for a person and if you have ever been in love then you know that the person that you’re in love with is the only person you wish to see and be with once you’re back home. Amid all the unwanted pressures of life, we usually get frustrated, and that leads to more couple fights. Amid these problems, the bond begins to crack and needs to be fixed. WA presents you with a couple of simple ways that you can practice to have a strong relationship and build healthy emotional intimacy.

Be A Good Listener

Be A Good Listener- Wedding Affair Amid conversations, we usually tend to provide solutions to the person sharing their problem, which is where we go wrong and hamper the process of building emotional intimacy. Be a good listener; have your ears open and your mouth shut. The reason why we should just listen is that sometimes, the other person is not seeking a solution but rather they just want to vent everything out. When we speak and cut them off, we make them feel interrupted and detach them.

Compliment Them

Compliment Them- Wedding Affair Everyone likes being someone’s priority and being complimented. Sometimes feeling a certain way is not enough, as the other person can’t just read your mind. Showing them that you appreciate them is not something that your love language of giving gifts would be sufficient at.  Your love-filled words are something that allows the other person to know your feelings, make them feel valued, and help them heal whenever they feel like your emotional intimacy as a partner needs to be built.

Take Interest In Their Hobby

Take Interest In Their Hobby- Wedding Affair When you show interest in what your partner does, it makes them respected and valued as an individual. Doing what you love will surely provide you satisfaction. However, doing something or merely trying to learn about their hobby is what will make them appreciate you as a partner, deepening the bond that you share. It is quite possible that he might not know how to dance and that you might not understand about cars but that doesn’t mean that trying is not an option.

Share Your Vulnerabilities

Share Your Vulnerabilities- Wedding Affair While in a relationship, you need to understand that not all conversations are going to be lovey-dovey. Talking about things that exude emotion love is good for the relationship but also know that not knowing a person’s bad habits or things that trouble them can hamper building a strong emotional intimacy. Learning to hold each other and stand by each other is what will make your relationship strong and you stronger as a couple.

Have A Shorter Memory

Have A Shorter Memory- Wedding Affair Having a short memory and not keeping grudges or scores is key to a healthy relationship. If you are willing to build emotional intimacy as a couple, you need to learn that is it always you and your partner against the problem, not you versus your partner. Learn to fight the problems by understanding your partner’s point of view along with yours, only then can you expect to have a safe and sound relationship. In addition, refrain from keeping scores or bringing up things that were fixed in the past.

Apologies For Your Mistakes

Reminiscing Early Memories- Wedding Affair We are all told that we must not run away from apologizing for our mistakes but somehow, we all have lost the essence of what we learnt in our childhood. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes but what makes people different is that only a few understand their mistakes and wish to make things right.  For having strong emotional intimacy as a couple, we need to learn that a rightful apology is a major fix in a relationship hitting its downfall. Alongside, we must also learn to forgive easily too.

Reminiscing Early Memories

Reminiscing Early Memories- Wedding Affair It is rightfully said that the early days of any relationship are a honeymoon period where everything feels right and we all feel loved like never before. If you are trying to build emotional intimacy with your partner then remembering why you fell in love is the best way to re-ignite the old sparks. Amid the problems that you face as a couple, you usually forget about the love for which we vowed to each other and by reminiscing the good old days, we are trying our best to save the bond from hitting rock bottom.