Home Bazaar: All Aboard For The New Abode

Home Bazaar - Wedding Affair

Sarita Handa

Sarita Handa ArmchairSeat yourself in a classic curve-armrest armchair upholstered in a door-style rich non-embroidered fabric.


Fendi Ice BucketThe iconic gold-coloured logo sits atop this beautifully inlaid ice bucket work, perfect for those who love their poison.


Safomasi QuiltBring home the chill of mountain wind with the warmth of the hilly-sun with this mountain-print quilt.


Noritake Cup SaucerThe Okura fine chinaware watercolour-inspired cup saucer, a Japanese royal favourite, can be all yours.

Baaya Design

Baaya Design Handpainted MuralLet the Mahal of your dreams exhibit the royal character of your soul through this handpainted Banares Mural.


Rosenthal DinnerwareContemporary elegance comes knocking with this classic design on the Francis shape porcelain dinnerware.


Saar Table StandThe sculptural Indian marble table stands on solid teak wood, proudly exhibiting the stone’s natural veins.


Gucci Porcelain MugThis turquoise porcelain mug might be the perfect gift for those equally conscious of their coffee grinds and brands.

Orange Tree

Orange TreeA symbol of deep emotion, the Japan-poppy flower wall light fills the room with warmth and happiness.

The Edit

The Edit, Picasso-Inspired Face MotifEnliven Picasso-inspired face motif, blending into an artistic rendition on a highly functional storage cabinet.