Home Bazaar: Magic Touch To Your Home

Home Bazaar - Wedding Affair

Barovier & Toso

Barovier & Toso Suspension Lamp

A symphony of luxe and elegance, this suspension lamp in glistening glass and shades of blue will bring rays of happiness to your life.

Draga & Aurel

Draga & Aurel Coffee Table

The thick, coloured resin-based coffee table with a flaming red hue enunciates unmatched sophistication and flair.


Flexform Sofa

A black and white sofa with a sleek tubular metal structure and kidney-bean-shaped seat welcomes you to relax in style.

Ralph Pucci

Ralph Pucci Mirror

Resembling the evil eye, a polished bronze mirror captivates the beauty and attention of your guests.

Scarlet Splendour 

Scarlet Splendour Chair

Adding a pop of colour to your living room, the hot pink Ego chair has hints of the human face designed artistically through its back.


Zazzeri Pop Faucet

This pop faucet incorporates a colour-saturated silicone material within its spout that adds a fun, fearless and fabulous element to your bathroom.

Vikram Goyal 

Vikram Goyal Table

A twist in a seemingly infinite loop this dramatic, dynamic foundation console is both furniture and sculpture.

Quirk Box 

The Quirk Box

With deer roaming and rabbits prancing among the tall grasses, this quirky refrigerator elevates your kitchen.


Noom Vase

The interplay of simplicity and a statement design, this vase pays homage to the ancient glassblower-artist technique ‘guta’ and is a decorative piece of art.

Patrizia Italiano 

Patrizia Italiano

A tale of an under-ocean princess, this set of mermaid and fish figurines breathes vibrancy and beauty.