Designer Pria Kataria Puri’s Home Statement!


Get enchanted by the old world charm of this classic Victorian style ‘castle in the air’ designed with love and care by its owner, Fashion Designer, Pria Kataaria Puri.

Elegant and inviting, step into the beautiful house of designer Pria Kataaria Puri, her husband Sumit Puri and her children Rhea and Nosher, a mélange of cultures, an intoxicating palette of colours dotted with arts collected from their travels around the world. The house reflects the artistic personality of its inhabitants brimming with joy and style that seeks to embrace one in its warmth.


Located in the suburb of Bandra, the luxurious apartment is designed with artistic sensibilities and showcases a beautiful union of classic Victorian style with rustic traces. “My house has my design philosophy that is evident from the carving motifs as inlay work in the furniture that is designed by me as frames, glass panels, tables, mirrors, beds. It is also filled with a vibrant, exotic, luxurious and classic feel,” says Pria Kataaria Puri. The loving couple having spent their life in the spacious bungalows of Delhi, has woven the apartment in the same open ambiance, especially the living area that looks over the greenery and presents one with the glorious vista of Mumbai.

A Juxtaposition of Dreams

Designed with artistic influence, the house is a wonderful example of baroque furnishing with classic Victorian detailing that takes one away to the charm of the bygone days. As one steps into the foyer decorated in the same graceful style, one is drawn by the glittering chandelier in the living area that is divided into a lounge and dining quarters. “My house is a classic Victorian style of home, in vintage colour palette of gold and burgundy with yellow and blue hues and has a lot of classic well-crafted wooden furniture in Rosewood, Walnut wood and Teak,” elaborates Puri.Untitled-7

The rich and luxurious feel of the house is highlighted with the furniture that is custom-made by skillful craftsmen from Mumbai and Kashmir, keeping in mind the apartment’s dimension designed by the dwellers of this beautiful haven. The intelligent union of style and functionality is also evident in each of the beautiful pieces that furnishes the house, whether it be the teak wooden bar with hand curved motifs and a marble top that houses the liquor or the buffet table with mirror work that stores away the everyday cutlery and removes clutter. Puri’s favorite corner of the house is the lounge area that houses a huge red leather sofa and has a beautiful tree in the corner festooned with fairy lights.Untitled-5

The spacious apartment has four bedrooms, a lobby and a living area that is dotted with mirrors to increase the spacious feel with frames designed by Puri herself. The Italian marble floor increases the classy feel of the house and is decorated with gorgeous Persian carpets. The beautiful bedroom has a beautifully hand-crafted four-poster bed, glassed topped writing table and a stylishly royal feel.

Poetry of Colours and Art

The warm colour palette of the house bears witness to Puri’s childhood spent in Kashmir. She continues, “Colours play a very important role in my life so I have extended the warm luxurious colours on to my walls in patterned silk wallpapers and further enhanced the richness with beautiful paintings and vibrant Persian carpets.”Untitled-3

The house is literally a treasure trove of the beautiful art pieces that they have collected in their jet-setter life together. Puri’s favorite painting is Laxmi by Laxman Pai that was the first painting, she was gifted with on her wedding. The other paintings that grace these walls are as varied as they are beautiful; while on one side there is a Hussain or Anjoli Ela Menon, on the other there are paintings by anonymous artists gathered from their visits to Shimla, Mussoorie and Lebanon. The lovingly designed house bears witness to the cherished memories that the couple made in their years together, along with the family, in this beautiful journey of life.