How to celebrate a wedding in the hot summer season?


There’s something special about a wedding in the summer. The sun is shining and warm, and there are so many beautiful floral kinds in bloom. The season has a lot to offer for your big day, especially your ceremony. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing greenery-rich arch backdrops, petal-filled aisles, and standout décor elements at summertime gatherings. Of course, your ceremony is about much more than just the decor, and there’s a lot more to think about than simply paying homage to the season. As you begin to prepare for your big day, you’ll notice that most of your ceremony preparation will be focused on keeping your guests safe from the elements.

The good news is that there are ways to accomplish so while remaining upscale and on-par with décor choices. Take, for example, the following ideas from real summer weddings. Are you concerned that your ceremony location faces straight into the sun?

Make a Budget That Isn’t Too Expensive.

Make a friendly budget

The first official planning step is to create a wedding budget, which will drive all following decisions. The typical cost of a wedding varies depending on several factors, such as your location in the United States and the style of the event. The fee may also be affected by the time of year. Because wedding services are in more demand during the summer, prices may be higher than in other seasons.

With this in mind, plan to increase your budget for your venue and some vendor services. Pricing is frequently subject to change and should be assessed individually.

Select a location that is both indoors and outdoors.

Select a location that is both indoor and outdoor

If you haven’t already booked your site, look for a gorgeous reception location that offers outdoor and indoor party areas, such as a spectacular ballroom and a lovely outdoor terrace overlooking groomed gardens, a golf course, or the ocean, whether it’s all outdoors or all-indoors. Guests can choose whether they wish to be outside in the elements or inside in the air-conditioned facility. It’s critical to provide a more relaxed climate choice for all guests, especially if they’re elderly or pregnant.

Pick a Color Palette for Your Summer Wedding

Pick light colour palette for wedding

The bride and groom are dressed in white wedding gowns and are surrounded by pink and orange summer wedding flowers. Pick a good topic for your big day to use your creative muscles. Summer is ideal for playing with beautiful pastel bridal colors and light, delicate textiles like linen or tulle. While you can choose any color scheme that appeals to you, darker, warmer tones work best for winter weddings because they complement chilly locations.

You can also choose a unique wedding theme for your summer wedding. For a beach wedding or a celebration on the water, you might decide to go with a classic nautical theme. Perhaps you’d prefer a rustic country theme for an outdoor summer wedding.

A/C units can be rented.

If your wedding is held in a tent or the open air, make sure you rent high-quality, portable fans that you can test out in the rental store to determine their power and relative quietness. Great party fans now operate at a reduced noise level, allowing everyone to hear the toasts and music. For everyone’s comfort, buy a lot of these fans and scatter them about the seating area, the bar, and anywhere else where guests will congregate.

Be Open-Minded About Your Date

Be open minded for wedding dates in summer

Summer wedding dates are in high demand, so plan on being flexible with your desired date. While you may want a June wedding on a Saturday afternoon, you may be able to book more of your preferred providers on a Friday evening or Sunday morning—weekday weddings are also an option to explore.

Consider the dates of your holiday celebrations as well. You can certainly hold your wedding on a major summer holiday, such as Memorial Day or the Fourth of July, but this may limit the number of guests you can invite. When considering potential wedding dates, keep these variables in mind.

Invest in Long-Lasting Decor and Food

Go for long lasting decor and food for summer wedding

While you shouldn’t cut corners on your wedding vision, it’s crucial to be realistic about what will (and won’t) work in the summer, particularly flowers and cuisine. Hydrangeas and gardenias, for example, are known to wilt in higher weather. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t use them in floral arrangements or centerpieces; instead, you should match them with a few heat-resistant plants to keep your flowers from looking wilted.

To avoid this, use long-lasting summer wedding flowers such as succulents or tropical florals such as anthurium, orchids, protea, palm leaves, and leafy greenery. Work with your florist to find in-season blossoms that complement your theme and vision. Ask a bridesmaid to carry your bouquet in a shady position or set it in a vase of cool water when your photographer isn’t taking wedding shots. Keep a spray water bottle on hand if your blooms will be exposed to the summer heat for an extended period. Mist them lightly every hour or so.

Stacking on-trend, unisex sunglasses on a sleek table will shield your guests from glare while complementing your style. Set up luxury overhead umbrellas to protect exposed shoulders instead—we swear they’ll photograph brilliantly.