Top destination wedding trends to follow on your big day


While planning to arrange a big fat Indian wedding on a large scale, people always opt for destination wedding and have that as their first preference. This wedding style has been in trend for a long time, and it would constantly flourish more among people to make their wedding stand out. But how can you make your destination wedding extraordinary? You can search for different and unique trends of a destination wedding to add some more grandeur to the big event.

Heritage Return

This trend first started in 2018 but then it spread in different corners of the country like fire. In this trend, the entire function takes place at one of the ancestral lands of the couple. So, if you want to go back to your roots on your big day, this is the right trend for you.


Pre-wedding trip to the destination wedding venue

Before booking a destination wedding venue, you need to check if it is worth the investment. So, couples should visit the wedding venue before the final booking and enjoy some alone-time together.

Themed menu

Your destination wedding can be more alluring if you opt for a specific theme for the big day. Currently, a theme-based destination wedding is conquering the market. But when you opt for a theme, make sure your food menu is also according to the theme. This will be fun to add a theme-based menu as well.


Eco-friendly wedding

If you are conscious about the environment, then an eco-friendly destination wedding is a good idea. There will be less damage to the environment, decoration would be done with bio-degradable items and to save paper you can give an e-invite.

Unplugged wedding

Due to the constant usage of mobile phones, we have almost stopped living in the moment. So, you can arrange a destination wedding where people will just enjoy the moment.

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