In Switzerland?? Don’t Miss Out On These Places


Talking about Switzerland always take us to the place which is not lesser than a fairyland. With the scenic mountain views, breathtaking scenario and awe-inspiring places, who wouldn’t want to go to such a heavenly place? If you’re confused about where to go for your honeymoon, then you should opt for Switzerland. There are many places you can visit and we’re not talking about Zurich or Geneva this time. We’re talking about some lesser known yet magnificent places in Switzerland.

1) Murren

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Murren is best for those couples who want to spend some time away from the traffic. This heavenly place was also featured in James Bond’s “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

2) Lauterbrunnen

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This place is known for its blissful waterfalls. It has 72 waterfalls and one of them is 1000 feet tall named Staubbach Falls.

3) Morcote


Morcote was named as the most beautiful village in 2016. If you and your partner love exploring historical places and love watching those monuments which take you back to their time of origin then this place is for you.

4) Soglio


If either of your partners loves gazing wildflowers then the place is packed up with them. The narrow cobblestones lanes are dated way back in history are best to walk on.

5) Interlaken

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Interlaken is situated between two lakes namely, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz both of which are nourished from the River Aare. You can be a part of adventurous sports or just wondering around and appreciate this wonderful land.

6) Andermatt

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For enjoying the best part it’s better to visit this place in winters with your partner. This place is heaven for ski lover, besides that, you can go for winter-hiking and snowshoeing.

7) St. Gallen


St. Gallen is known as one of the oldest towns in Europe. With its serenity, historical atmosphere and romantic aura, this place is best suited for your honeymoon.

These places are indeed the hidden gems in Switzerland and they are best to visit with your partner and explore the romance and charm that these places behold.

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