International Mice & Wedding Forum 2023

Wedding Affair

The 7th edition of the International MICE & Wedding Forum (IMWF) 2023 kicked off from 18th December to 21st December, 2023. The four-day-long event witnessed great enthusiasm and participation in the tourism hub of Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. The glamorous event was a perfect blend of entertainment, business conduction and networking. 

 Amanveer Singh, Amr El-Kady, Erkan Yildirim Sharing Their Insights

Amanveer Singh, Amr El-Kady, Erkan Yildirim Sharing Their Insights

Many industrial stalwarts and prominent figures like Amr El-Kady, CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Authority; Ramah Hashim, Governor of South Sinai; Neşet Koçkar, President of ANEX Tourism Group; and Erkan Yıldırım, CEO of Rixos Egypt hotels added extra oomph to the event with their esteemed presence. 

Entertainment & Extravaganza At IMWF

During the daytime, IMWF 2023 transformed into a comprehensive knowledge-sharing platform with in-depth speeches and B2B meetings by industry experts. Evenings were filled with glitz and glamour where all participants came together in meticulously prepared themed events, providing an opportunity for entertainment, interaction, and continued communication. They shared current industry developments and seized the chance to establish new business connections.

Networking & Business Conduction At IMWF

Bringing together MICE and wedding planners, hoteliers, airline representatives, and suppliers from 35 different countries was the motto of the event. With over 300 guests and participants, the event stood out with a rich program offering opportunities to foster industry developments, establish new business connections, and exchange experiences.

Prairna Khuller, Vijay Arora, Shravan Madiraju, Dmitry Rogulev, Pawan Mirchandan

The dignitaries felicitated the deserving attendees of various industries with awards and recognition. At the award ceremony, the Egyptian Tourism Authority, Rixos Premium Seagate, Inventum Global, and other sponsors and partners were presented with gratitude plaques and special awards. These awards were considered an expression of gratitude for the companies’ contributions to the industry.

The program was closely followed by press organizations from Turkey, Egypt, India and various Middle Eastern & European countries. The night was capped off with an atmosphere filled with acoustical live music, vibrant stage performances, and delightful moments for participants.

IMWF 2023 brought together leading figures in the industry, providing new perspectives and strengthening collaborations. The event crowned Sharm El-Sheikh as a significant destination for international MICE and wedding organizations. The heartthrob of the global events sector beat at Rixos Premium Seagate for three magical days.

Gala Dinners And Get-Together

International MICE & Wedding Forum – IMWF 2023 was realized with the support of the Egyptian Tourism Authority, hosted by Rixos Premium Seagate, and powered by Inventum Global. The event concluded with a magnificent gala. It provided participants with unforgettable experiences, not only for industry stakeholders but also contributing significantly to Egyptian tourism and imparting substantial positive momentum to the sector.