Island & Beachside Wedding Destinations


A wedding is an event that every bride and groom wants to celebrate in the best way possible. They always face a dilemma about how to plan it where to begin and where to end. The major quandary they have is about the wedding venue. Worry no more! This blog is for all those couples who are getting married soon but still got to decide on the wedding venue. There is a great craze for destination weddings in India nowadays. And why not, they bring down the level of the dwelling of the couple and give them time to focus on themselves. Destination weddings lessen the responsibilities of the bride and groom and their families as it is all planned by professionals.

Island and beachside destination weddings are so elegant and fun and imagine the wedding photographs being clicked at such a place. India is a country that is beatified with tranquil beaches and islands. The islands and beaches have that charm and that romantic ambience which would be perfect for the sacred nuptial knot. There are so many unexplored islands & beach locations in India as people only know of Goa. But India offers you a lot more than Goa beaches. Here are some of the island & beach locations you can consider for your wedding.


Have a magical wedding at Pondicherry

Pondicherry is one of the most romantic places to get married. Pondicherry is also known as the “French Riviera of the East” because it is a blend of Tamil and French architecture with the topping of serene beaches dipped in the magic of love. Pondicherry is a beautiful destination for weddings as the view at the beach when the sun rises gives such an astonishing feeling which cannot be put into words. The sand shines like pearls and the water glitters. The location is perfect for photographs. A traditional Indian wedding at the beach will look so exquisite and ethereal.


Lakshadweep is perfect for those who want to have an intimate wedding

Lakshadweep is a scenic island that offers a glorious wedding location with dazzling sun rays on the sand that gives a velvety feel to it. The blue sky is cherry on the cake as it contributes to the absolute gorgeous view. This will create long-lasting memories for the newlyweds and their close ones. Lakshadweep Island is a perfect place for the bride and groom who seeks to have an intimate wedding with only the nearest and dearest ones. This will not create any hassle for anyone. The island offers you fun activities like scuba-diving and kayaking. This will add reminiscence to the day.


Exchanging seven vows in the lap of nature

Not many people know about Tharangambadi, it is located in the Mayiladuthural district of Tamil Nadu. Formerly known as Tranquebar, it is a tiny seaside place that is suitable for a small and simple wedding. This quaint town with a beach view is the perfect location for exchanging the seven vows in the lap of nature. It will look absolute dreamy and magical. The poolside decoration will give fairy-tale vibes.


God’s own country

Kerala is known to be God’s Own Country and it gives you a chance to tie the knot at this sacred place. Kerala is dipped in the pristine beauty of nature with a touch of ethnicity to it. Kerala provides the traditional yet delightful aroma for the pious nuptials and it will feel like a dream come true for the two souls deeply in love. The location for the mandap will be at the coruscating waves will be an absolute treat for the guests. It also assures entertainment for the guests when there is no ceremony taking place as it is a great place for sightseeing, shopping, and cultural activities, and the hospitality shown by the people of Kerala is incomparable.

Andaman and Nicobar

Have a fairytale wedding at Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Have you ever dreamt of your wedding at a beach with a surreal setup of sea shells, a mandap set in the sand with beautiful sun rays adding the silvery white colour to the sand, and the bride looking like a celestial fairy in a pastel Indian attire which is complimenting the sea? If yes, Andaman and Nicobar Island is the perfect location for this dream to come true. It has a startling natural beauty like giant hills, and rainforests and the glittering turquoise water makes it a perfect venue for a wedding.

Island and beachside weddings will help you explore unique and serene places. The mention of beaches is enough to bring a smile and excitement to your face and imagine having a beautiful wedding here. Choose your attire according to the weather conditions and finalize the date and venue keeping the weather in mind. Make your special day more special and memorable without leaving any loopholes as it comes once in a lifetime.

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