Listing the #StyleStreaks of the top hunks of B-Town! 


Bollywood divas are always appreciated for their fashion instincts, but what about the #HotShot men of Bollywood? Well, here we have the top five handsome hunks of Bollywood, whose fashion streaks are unbeatable. Have a look!!

Ranveer Singh


Well, well, since we’re here discussing the top most stylish actors of Indian cinema in terms of their fashion streaks then Ranveer Singh had to be the first one on the list, right? The ace actor is all about his top-class acting skills and of course his quirky and out-of-the-box fashion choices. Not only his movies have the ability to break the box office,  but even his fashion sense is all about creating havoc on the red carpet. Breaking all the gender stereotypes, this actor can wear anything at any time and make it look like the latest fashion.

Shahid Kapoor


The next up on the list is nothing less than an all-rounder, it’s not just his wife who’s gushing over his looks, but even we are. Yes, we are talking about the heartthrob Shahid Kapoor. Kapoor is all about maintaining that sexy intense vibe with his fashion instincts. From his promotion looks, gym attires to his cinematic appearances every look of his is worth going gaga over.

Akshay Kumar

Speaking fashion and style, this actor is probably filled to the brim with both of these elements. I’m sure that we’re all familiar with his early to bed early to rise routine, and we don’t know about you, but this fitness mantra itself is what makes him one of the most attractive men in Bollywood. Furthermore, speaking of wonderful attires, well, then Kumar is all about keeping it sporty and classy with his camouflage looks.

Arjun Rampal


Hotness alert!! Well, Arjun Rampal might not be that active with his Bollywood projects, but that does not give us the right to overlook him in terms of style and fashion. his rugged handsomeness will, always, ALWAYS blow our minds away. And his fashion instincts all lie in poise and sexy aura with which he carries himself. And his latest look for his latest is like #Killer, if you haven’t seen it yet then you might wanna have a look at his latest reel poster.

Shahrukh Khan

You might wanna roll the red carpet out, as here comes the King Khan of Bollywood, Shahrukh khan. What can we say about this ultimate star, just like his aura in the films his style streak also seems to have never lost its charm. Khan and his constant approach towards keeping up with the latest trends are what drives us crazy, so yea he is by far one of the best-dressed actors in B-Town.

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