Love In The Times Of COVID – 19


Love doesn’t come easy. And to maintain the love, after commitment for a lifetime, can also get as difficult as it can. Now, the question today is how to rediscover your love when you’re getting to see more and more of your partner after your pledge to stay indoors?

So yeah, most of us are locked down at our homes since the coronavirus outbreak. And there is nothing better, we as the general population can do about it. While most of us have been lucky enough to lie back and make the best of the time at our hand during such a deadly outbreak in the world, many other like the medical professionals, delivery officials and the government workers are out there working for us to fight this situation better.

Now, for those of us working from home and bored as hell as to how to best utilise the amount of time available to us, we have a special list curated. You can rekindle your romance in the time of COVID – 19. Now that you’re already staying indoors, you can let the love with your partner bloom in the most natural and simplest ways. Here is a list of things, that Wedding Affair recommends, you and your partner must do, to make love bloom from within the comfort of your walls and the time that you have.

1. Have Spa/Massage/Bubble Bath Nights Together

Now that people are staying indoors, the earth is getting its much-required breather and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have significantly come down. Evidently, there has never been a better time to let your body detox as well. Instigate that romance between you two as you indulge in erotic oil massages, a refreshing bubble bath or aromatic spa sessions. This is the best way to rejuvenate your love life as you refresh our body for whatever awaits us at the other end of these COVID – 19 times.

2. Make The Most Of YouTube Tutorials

A couple that learns together, grows stronger together. Learn a new craft, exercise together, learn dance schedules and enjoy these with your partner. Little by little, build love and intimacy and grow with each other. This way, you get two birds with one stone. You learn indoors without trading your time with something important. And also, you discover new aspects of your relationship by collaborating with your partner.

3. Re-Decorate Your House

How long has it been since you both were thinking of redecorating your house? This is a great time to carry that project! Rediscover the new corners of your house and place new plants. Shift furniture and make space for all the fun activities you can do!

4. Sketch Or Paint Together

Make a new masterpiece for your living room that is comprised of the love and creativity of both the partners. As you etch your imprints on the canvas, you’d also have a beautiful creation that will forever be symbolic of your love and good time together. It will also act as a reminder of everything happy and meaningful you share with each other.

5. Play Online Or Board Games

Reignite that spark and competitiveness between both of you as you compete in a fun and challenging board games. It will also act as a guide on how you can settle quarrels between both of you and will ignite loads of fun time together.

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