Make Way For Adidas Collaborations


Collaborations are a crucial part of the market now, we find them everywhere. Be it the fashion sector, home decor, beauty or travel, the famous “X” symbol of collaboration is present everywhere. Collaboration between Brands is basically an alliance in which they join forces to curate an exceptional product to survive in the competitive market and to present something new. Collaboration is a good marketing tool for both the brands and benefits each brand in its own way. In today’s competitive market, collaboration is a very important element for brand management and the business plan as well. Initially, collaborations were just limited to the new start-up brands as they needed to associate themselves with high-end brands for their publicity. But now even the well-established brands are opting for collaboration to stay consistent in the competitive market.  

prada x adidas

Recently, Prada and Adidas have announced join forces for a sneaker collaboration to be launched this Christmas. Prada has always refrained from the collaboration fever that has hit the other luxury brands, the Adidas partnership marks a historic partnership for both the brands. The sports giant and the luxury fashion house have created limited-edition Prada x Adidas footwear styles designed in Italy, according to the Prada website. With no images offered, we’re just relying on the rich legacies of these two brands. However, we can expect a price tag of $350 USD and a colour palette of Core White/Metallic Silver/Red. Along with Prada, Adidas is also expanding its partnership with Kanye West and Pharrel Williams to create the NMD Hu x Pharrell ‘Unique Future’ sneaker. 

dior x jordan

Another rumour of major brand collaboration is Dior x Air Jordan 1 releasing in 2020. While this is just intriguing hearsay, rumours are that the limited-edition model, Air Jordan 1, will reportedly get 1,000 pairs priced at $2,000 USD each, making it the most premium Air Jordan 1 in the sneaker history. Images of the model are yet to be released but design concepts could take inspiration from B23 Hi-Top and Dior’s all-over print of its classic logo. If the partnership between the French Luxury house and Jordan goes well, it’ll make for a quick $2 million USD in gross revenue.   

Stay tuned for more updates! 


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