Makeup Inspirations For A Winter Wedding 2023

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Weddings in the winter can be exciting but choosing the right makeup look should come as no hustle. 

Who doesn’t love a good winter wedding party? We all do. The gloom of the winter comes to halt when there is an event we need to get dressed up for and blow some steam off with pretty hot dance moves. For such occasions, we need the perfect look that speaks volumes about our personality and shows off our personal style in the game of beauty. 

For those of you beauty lovers who’ve walked the extra mile to get things done, here is a compilation of the latest makeup trends for the hottest winter weddings in 2023.  

For The Bold You

Makeup Inspirations For A Winter Wedding 2023 Metallic are back again! If you are someone that is experiential and doesn’t hinge to try something new, you should definitely give this look a try. Keep the eye makeup minimum by using softer tones like pinks, and browns, or just fill the water lines with a thick line of kohl so you balance the look with metallic lipstick, and voila! The look of a diva.

 Winged Eyeliner

Makeup Inspirations For A Winter Wedding 2023

Add some drama to your look with a sexy winged eyeliner and let them gossip about it. Winged eyeliners have a way of coming back into trend every year with an unapologetic twist. For those whose dreams are wild and high-spirited, this look will yell your name in the crowd.  For some it can be hard to draw a perfect liner, so here is a hack. (You can cut a tape and stick along the outer edge of your eyes and trace along the edge using the outlines of the tape as guidance).


Makeup Inspirations For A Winter Wedding 2023-WeddingAffair

You can always experiment with different colors and palettes to achieve a monochromatic look to suit your dress. Greens, blues, orange, and yellows — you can play around with as many colors as you want, and you can never go wrong with this look. It’s a safe bet to enjoy. 

Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes- Wedding AffairSizzle some hotness with the Smokey eyes, that is perfect for a winter wedding. Lately we have seen some of the Bollywood celebs like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma do it for the red carpet. No wonder this look deserves an award of its own.   

The Effervescent No makeup makeup look

The Effervescent No makeup makeup look-WeddingAffair

As they say, less is more. If you are looking for something simple and not grabbing much attention, this is the look for you. This look has everything in it which makes it intuitive and intriguing at the same time.

Do let us know which look you will be trying for the next winter wedding you attend.