Makeup lessons you can learn from Alia Bhatt


Alia Bhatt’s looks picture perfect with or without makeup.and her Instagram is proof that she is a firm believer of ‘less is more’. Be it her best friend’s wedding or a red-carpet look—she always goes for that single yet minimal makeup look which really let’s her skin shine through, she usually picks the pastel palette and dewy base makeup thats appropriate for any special event. 

Here are some makeup lessons you can learn from Alia Bhatt and her event makeup looks 

Blush away 

She always picks plenty of no makeup photos for her Instagram feed, When it comes to looking fresh alia Bhatt does ut best . looking absolutely  delicate and natural, thanks to her monotone choices in makeup. Simply put, the sticks to that one natural makeup element which is ” natural blush ” . always stick to the same colour family for your blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick for a seamless, monochromatic look that doesn’t look crowed and overdone.

Minimal outdoor look 

The actress rarely goes overboard with her makeup looks, be it a promotional event, friends wedding or walking the red carpet.  less is more is her motto, which is why she likes to keep it subtle and not too loud. It’s easy to achieve this look cause all you need to do is use your makeup products sparingly and sticking to a nude or mulled colour palette. On days when you don’t need much makeup , skip the high coverage foundation in favour of hydrating BB creams or cushion foundations which give you a dewy look. Lip glosses and lip balms can also be used to replace matte and strong lipsticks 

Brows away 

Alia bhatta is never seen without her perfect brows.Her brows aren’t particularly full, but the actor always steps out with natural-looking brows. She has thick brows with a few gaps here and there that she doesn’t go overboard filling with product—thus illustrating the importance of doing your brows in a way that best complements your face and features.

Keep in mind that it does not take much to have celebrity skin , all you need is to be mindful and simple with make up as per the occasion and a reminder to let your skin breathe.