Pakistani Suit Inspirations For The Festive Season

Pakistani Suit Inspirations - Wedding Affair

It is rightly said that love knows no boundaries and neither does fashion. Our love-hate relationship with Pakistan can be witnessed in many things, be it the rigorous India-Pakistan cricket match or girls drooling over the Pakistani series. Another love aspect recently found that the Indians can’t get enough of is the magnificence of Pakistani suits. Pakistani suits are so in trend right now. They are elegant, and chic and make you look well-dressed. The festive season is here and you can try your hands on Pakistani suits that are so in vogue right now. If you are wondering how Pakistani suits look, what are their types, and what colours are the best, don’t worry we have got you a few amazing Pakistani suit inspirations that will effortlessly change your fashion game.

Pakistani Dressing Tips And Outfits 

Sharara Is Back!

Sharara Set

Pakistani dressing includes the OG – Sharara set. The Sharara set is a pretty versatile option for a festive look. It usually comes in a three-piece set with extra wide legs. It has a short kurti, sometimes people even prefer a long kurta over a sharara. The salwar comes in various sharara patterns, designs and silhouettes. It can be accentuated in different ways. You can opt for a plain sharara or a printed one. The festive glam calls for a sharara set with sequins to bring on the glitz and glam.

Festive Glam With Yellow 

Yellow Pakistani Suit

Yellow often resonates with an auspicious colour. Adorning a yellow Pakistani suit will elevate your look this festive season. People who love embroidery work on their attire can choose this type of Pakistani suit. You can opt for a similar look that has straight pants with embroidered work on the cuffs. The captivating front detailing of the suit is unique and will earn you extra brownie points. Opt for minimal jewellery with this look as the work on the suit will steal all the attention.

A Regal Vibe 

Blue Pakistani Suit With Embroidery Work

Blue resonates with regal flair. This festive season if you want to look nothing less than a royal, then you can opt for a blue Pakistani suit with heavy embroidered work on it. Sheer clothing or net details will also look amazing with a royal blue Pakistani suit. A tight-fitted churidar paired with this long suit will look elegant. The combination of the colour and intricate work detailing will enhance the luxurious feel. Keep your tresses open and makeup minimal to nail this regal look.

Simple Yet Elegant 

Simple Yet Elegant Pakistani Suit

If you are someone who doesn’t like to go overboard and is experimenting with a Pakistani suit for the first time, then you can adorn a simple yet elegant Pakistani suit and ace the festive look. Go for neutral colours or the classics like white. Keep the hems of your sleeves wide, the wider the better. Complete the look with a colourful dupatta or with a heavily embroidered one. The colourful dupatta will add a dash of oomph to your look.

Velvet Touch FTW!

Velvet Touch

The festivities are here and so are the chilly winds. Pakistani flair already resonates with velvet clothing. To protect yourself from this chilly season you can adorn a velvet Pakistani suit that speaks of nothing but sophistication. This attire looks so rich and elegant that all eyes will be on you. Try buying a dark-coloured Pakistani suit as it will effortlessly flaunt the velvety silhouette. You can opt for a similar outfit that has colourful accents or embroidered work on it.

Desi Barbie 

Desi Barbie

Barbiecore aesthetics are over? We don’t think so. This year we saw the world crushing hard on Barbiecore aesthetics, so why not incorporate it in our desi attire? Flaunt your feminine allure with a pink Pakistani suit. Pair a matching sharara, flared skirt or salwar beneath it. Opt for balloon sleeves that will give maximum volume to your sleeves. Sequin work or mirror work towards the hems will make this attire look outstanding.