Pantsuits – The Ultimate Rulers

Pantsuits For Brides - Wedding Affair

Modern brides are reluctant to be held back by societal acceptance. The transformation of pantsuits from formal meetings to the glitz of Indian wedding ceremonies has over time encouraged them to be bold, dynamic, and free-spirited.

Pantsuits have been around since 1967, when Yves Saint Laurent gave women the freedom to have a wardrobe similar to men’s. He meticulously laboured to make the distinctions between what is deemed masculine and what is deemed feminine disappear.  His “Le Smoking Tuxedo” was made to make women feel comfortable, yet he had them ornamented with jewellery to signify that they need not alter themselves. American culture has permeated much of India over the years, particularly in the fashion industry. For Indian women, the transition from skirts to trousers marked a major change and gave them new powers. Over the years, women in India have grown more accustomed to wearing pantsuits as this versatile fashion piece progresses from being formal wear to a styling quotient for modern brides. Designed perfectly with magnificent fabrics and embellishments, pantsuits are ideal for every wedding ceremony.


Pantsuits For Bachelorette

Embark on an appearance that will make you appear smoking hot right before your wedding ceremonies begin. Select a sensational colour palette for the Bachelorette aesthetic. Choose a colour that expresses your inner animal. Pose in a monochromatic pantsuit that flawlessly hugs your frame and allows you to feel the one in control while still feeling comfortable. Go bold and glamorous with the cut-out blouse and allow the cuffs to be synched, to enhance the shape of the baggy coat. Keep your bell-bottoms tight and have your boot-cut flare from the bottom up to hold your outfit cohesive. Accentuate your look with diamond studs in the ear while you rock the entire look in a tight high bun.


Bling Pantsuits For Sangeet

Sangeet is the night full of love, laughter, and endless dancing. This is that one ceremony where you wish to look enchanting. Play with nighttime hues and go hard on the bling. This might appear a little extra to some future brides but the night is still young and so are you. Bling will make you stand out among your visitors, whether it is placed in an interior setting or outside beneath the stars.  Choose a blazer to pair with your flowy, straight-leg flared trousers that will help define your waist while still giving you a deep open front.  Skip wearing a blouse or shirt underneath, instead add a big pendant to bind the outfit together. Utilize Kiara Advani’s sangeet attire as a concept for ways to elegantly incorporate the pendant into your sangeet attire. Add a pendant to fully showcase your outfit, and also add some velvet to the blazer’s lapels. Put on some glowing makeup that looks natural giving your face and outfit both an undivided attention, and style your hair in a high ponytail.


Prints For Mehendi

Every bride has to feel her best as the exquisitely patterned henna imprints your hands and the excitement of the ceremony takes hold. Green is one of the traditional mehendi colours and you should add your own sense of flair and elegance to it while planning your outfit for the ceremony. Put on a printed pantsuit to give your outfit a distinctively tropical feel. Let your satin crop-top to make an elegant impression with a cowl neckline while your pantsuit expresses with its bright and playful animal and foliage prints. You can mix beachy waves with afro braids on your hair and o make the prints look more prominent, you can also experiment with wide-leg pants. These pants will also be adequate for tying up while mehendi in your legs is drying out.


Wedding Veil

Over the years brides have drastically changed their D Day apparels from lehenga and saree to modern day dresses and pantsuits, but one thing that binded everything together was the foundational element of tradition. Bind your off the board unconventional pantsuit look with a traditional veil while you ditch the customary bride associated colours such as pink, gold and red to further explore the tones of pastel. Use a white veil to bind your look and use a wider border to enrich the feel of your otherwise simplistic attire. Use silk over other fabrics as it will make your clothing look more enticing and yet, bride-appropriate. Don’t forget to add a big maang tika to offer the charm of an Indian bride but have a touch of modernity. Wear a white shimmer blouse underneath for a night wedding and white shiny tassels during the day. Take a cue from Sanjana Rishi, the bride who donned pantsuits purely out of fondness for them, for your wedding-day attire.

Wedding Reception

Cape In Reception Pantsuits

The reception is an occasion in which a bride has the most freedom to try on different looks and arrive dressed in a way that perfectly captures who she is as a married woman. Make your entrance ever so dramatic by adding a cape to your pantsuit.  Besides experimenting with silk on the cape to make everything look soft and expensive, you can easily dress up even the most basic straight-fit pantsuit. Put on your nude heels and a v-line, sheer or lace corset to add charm to your pantsuit. As you move around and pose with your cape, let it add character to your ensemble and you might eventually end up feeling like a royal or Bollywood fashionista, Sonam Kapoor. Put on your preferred shade of crimson lipstick and opt for a stylish, sleek mid-part open hairstyle.