SEX TIPS for girls of this generation…



Hey You,

Yes you, the strong and stunning girl of this generation, who no longer hides behind heavy curtains and drapes in layers of wealthy cobwebs that pulls her desires and ambitions down. You have come so far from those days when you would be married off to an older man because the society approved of it, and would have to pretend moaning for pleasures a man of your daddy’s age could never provide you with.

You are the stunning lady that steps outdoors in a killer heels and relishes how confident it makes you feel. (even if it makes you appear taller than your bf) *winks

You look at yourself in a different light, where ‘accomplishments’ come, not from a royal kindred, but from the grades you score, and the jobs you bag because of your I.Q and potential. You make it to the top of the world on your own, and choose the men you wish to share your journey with.

But while you are out there, making your dreams come true, are you taking care of your sexual desires? Gone are the days when you were just a medium, men would blindfold and ride on, for instant pleasure. It’s your time to rule and rock that bed, just like you are rocking in the other phases of life.

Make Eye Contact

coupleinbedWhile words and actions can often deceive you, the way he looks at you, never can. Eyes are one of the most strongest medium of communication. They have the power to express unsaid feelings and desires. Do not kill the opportunity of looking into his eyes, when you are in bed together. It strengthens your bond and deepens your admiration for each other.

Surprise him

sexually-turn-ons-of-a-man-7And Yourself! It’s quite an expedition to explore the wildest desires of your body. Listen to what your mind whispers when you are in an intimate act. Is it asking for something you have never tried before? Excellent! Now go ahead and give it a shot. Slip away your ‘conscious’ skin and strip or sway or do something bold. Surprise him and yourself in the process. Works wonders for relationships.

Go Hands Free

position2This generation says bold is beautiful, like no other! Prey on him, hunt him down in you next bed expedition and let your hands rest, as your teeth explores every inch of his body. They say, before being humans, we are animals. Awaken your wild side and make some good use of it!

Lose Control

couplebed2-1236Lose Control. There’s no fun in following the same old, same old sex rituals all the time. Let the desire to control every move you make and every expression that appears on your skin rest in peace. Men love it when they feel they have the power to erode you, it turns them on to an extent where they begin to lose control. And that’s exactly when it’s time to take charge. Make the right move when he is grasping for his breath. Take over and pin his hands down. Stay assured! Your man will love it, and when all is done, you will be way more confident then you felt before.

Flexible Sex Timing

morning-sexStop making it a ‘night affair’ only. Sex is renowned as a great stress buster. So remember to give a happy ending to the stressful project at work. Toss the ‘alcohol’ bottles away and indulge in healthy sex with your partner. Nothing beats stress and depression like a romantic deed in bed. And if you are in a mood to be crazy, pounce on his sweaty body, when he is back after a hectic sport day, or workout regime. And if you are wondering what would be the best time.. it’s before you jump out of your bed to start a new day. “Not only are testosterone and energy levels higher in the morning, but the increase in oxytocin levels keeps you and your partner bonded throughout the day while the endorphins boost your mood,” says sex expert Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D, in an interview with stylecaster.