Shiv Fruit Mart: The Ultimate Wedding Caterers 

Wedding affair

Wedding day is the most important day in one’s life and Shiv Fruit Mart makes sure you foster unforgettable memories for your wedding day. Adding extra stars to your wedding, Shiv Fruit Mart diligently offers you bespoke services and satisfies your fruitilicious cravings. Shiv Fruit Mart marked its humble beginnings in the 1940s at Bengali Market. Imprinting their name in the wedding catering business, Shiv Fruit Mart began their journey with a small retail shop that symbolized quality and excellence in the fruit industry. Shiv Fruit Mart is the foremost choice for many luxurious wedding catering. They now stands as one of the most renowned brands for exquisite fruit wedding catering for luxurious weddings and grand celebrations. Their unique presentation, top-notch quality and adept team helps them to stand out among the others. Staying true to the values and principles passed down by their ancestors, Shiv Fruit Mart believes in maintaining their high-class quality and excellence in the wedding catering industry.

Following their moto ‘Presentation is key’ for decades, the curators of Shiv Fruit Mart, 2nd & 3rd generation of the Bhasin brothers presented the concept of serving fruits in outdoor catering & institutes to the world. This bought a revolution in the wedding catering industry. The bespoke services of Shiv Fruit Mart includes paying attention to even smallest details and meticulously designing fruit stalls and designer fruit concepts that can add extra flair to your wedding. They can transform your culinary dreams into reality. For designer fruit concepts, they create visually appealing designs and arrangements that are curated following your needs and desires, a perfect element for wedding catering. The brand can tailor the aesthetics, designs and presentations of the food according to the flair and purpose of the event. From wedding catering and glamorous receptions to business meetings and anniversaries, their designer fruit concepts can add a touch of elegance and a dose of fruity freshness to any occasion.

The Origin 

What started in the 1940s with a small retail shop at Bengali Market has now flourished as a top fruit catering brand in the wedding catering industry. Shiv Fruit Mart has stayed in the business for decades now and has revolutionised the forefront of fruit catering. They have moulded the concept of serving fruits in outdoor catering and institutes, under the visionary leadership of the second and third generation of Bhasin brothers in the 1990s. Counted as one of the leading fruit service providers across the Indian subcontinent, Shiv Fruit Mart offers authentic Indian and imported fresh fruit in stalls and exclusive designer fruit concepts for various events.

Frutilicious Flavours: Indian, Exotic, Rare, and Imported Fruits

Staying ahead of the trends curve, Shiv Fruit Mart rose as a phoenix in the dynamic wedding industry. They implement changing market trends to provide you with the best of everything.  Offering you first class services & quality, Shiv Fruit Mart has always stayed true to their essence. They have never compromised on their values due to the highly competitive outdoor catering industry. From premium quality Indian fruits and a wide variety of imported fruits to exclusive fruit counters and exotic Grilled Fruit Skewers, Shiv Fruit Mart provides a splendid experience for your guests for every event.

Bespoke Services

Let’s dive into a plethora of services offered by Shiv Fruit Mart:

Elevating Your Experience With Grilled Fruit Delicacies

The subtly smoky flavour of the grilled fruit delicacies leaves you with an unforgettable flavour. The fruits are skillfully grilled by the chefs until they are smoky to perfection. From fresh pineapples to juicy peaches, the grilling process adds a vibrant taste and elevates the natural sweetness of the fruits.

Delight Your Senses With Cold Stone Fruit Concoctions

A treat for the ice cream lovers, get ready to be immersed in the delightful taste of cold stone fruit creations. Combining premium ice cream with fresh fruits, a unique flavour is created and a new dimension is added to the catering saga. The skilled artisans blend these exotic ingredients on a frozen granite slab (a new food preparation technique that is trending on social media platforms) and prepare the goodness of fruits and ice creams. You can witness the magic of creating these delicacies and taste heaven in every spoonful.

Nature’s Goodness Preserved With Sun-Dried Fruits

Fruits with a crunch is like heaven in every bite. A little chewiness, more flavours and a lot of goodness of fruits. Shiv Fruit Mart offers an array of sun-dried fruits. With the help of a dehydration process, fruits are gently dried in the sun to make these scrumptious sun-dried fruits. This method preserves the natural goodness of the fruits while intensifying their flavours. A perfect snack for get-togethers or just a ‘grab and go’ kind of party, these sun-dried delicacies will instantly uplift your party. 

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