Six Fashion Myths Pauperized


The way you carry yourself determines whether you are a fashionista or you need a fashion police. Everyone has their own definition of fashion but one should make sure, they don’t portray a blundered version of it. There aren’t specific rules in the fashion industry, but it’s the fashion sense that matters. Listed below are some vague myths the internet has been spilling around and it’s time to debunk them.

Your bag should match your shoe

Match bag and shoe_Wedding Affair

They don’t really have to match but they should ‘go’ along with your outfit, shouting trendiness. Anyway matchy-matchy is really dated, so stop matching shoes, bags, belts and accessories, maintain a fine line between eclectic and wacky.

Don’t over stripe

Don't over stripe_Wedding Affair
Stripes are one of those fashion trends that have been in the run since forever now. They are simply universal — narrow or broad, less spaces or equally spaced, even or uneven, single color or duo toned, they are appealing in every way. A full stripped suit is just suit-able for an office meeting or a vino night. Strips are convivial and have primitively prolonged in the industry.

No pink-red/black-blue combination

Whilst the bolder shades of these hues sometimes can create an eye-popping drama, shades of pink and red together fall in the same league. Similar is the case with navy and black, they look quite chic together. Combination of black and navy are quite subtle to carry in the corporate world as well as the red carpet (thanks to Rimzim Dadu). Combining these colors with different textures — leather with denim— will keep similar colors from blending together.

Sequins and metallic are night games

Metallics and sequin_Wedding Affair

This is a lately busted myth as metallic and sequin are thought better worn in the later hours of the day. The trick to wear bling during the day amidst the sun is to choose a subtle color, otherwise it can turn out to be flashy.

Ditch double denim

Double denim_Wedding Affair

The irony is one can never go wrong being cladded in denim head to toe, though it can be quite tricky to carry the look. This is the trendiest look of the season lately. If you are worried to pull together denim on denim, begin playing with colors; pair white denim with blue jacket or black denim with chambray shirt/top. Marry two different shades of denims and avoid wearing denims of same weight and wash together. You don’t want to look too matchy, do you? Try wearing one superior in a ripped style; this will break the monotony of the look. Dress up your double denim with a blazer or cape, statement shoes or simply bold red lips.

Print on Print is dingy

Print on Print_Wedding Affair

Bollywood celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt have well put this myth to bed. They look stunning whilst mixing prints, looking absolutely chic.