Sonali Bansal And Ujjwal Mahajan

Sonali Bansal And Ujjwal Mahajan Wedding - Wedding Affair
Exchanging Varmala Seeking The Blessings Of Close Ones

Pairs, as said are made in heaven, but what makes the unions of the two souls extra special is how the heavenly director (the almighty) decides to pave the path for them to meet and mate to be the one forever. The story of Sonali Bansal and Ujjwal Mahajan both hailing from Chandigarh is one straight out of the movie. The families who had been friends for more than 2 generations, had no idea that the 3rd generation would change their friendship into the relationships that would bind their hearts together. 

Engagement Ceremony
Kisses Of Love & Togetherness
Mehendi Ceremony
Radiant Colours Came To Life For Mehendi

As the fairytale began, the two met after a long time at a family dinner in the year 2021 and were instantly fascinated by each other, the dinner and the diners all faded as the love birds got engaged in deep conversations, though not knowing the exact feeling, they both said night, physically but had left with the memories of each other to think and play on record in their mind. As they liked each other’s company they met yet again on their first coffee date on November 6th 2021, the hot latte got cold as they both got engorged in their talks about their future businesses, plans and many other things, the like-mindedness was something that made them realize that there is something more, but they still waived off the thought. The dates became more frequent. So busy with their endeavours they still both made time to chat, Ujjwal specially joined the same gym just to meet and greet Sonali every day since she had to follow the strict 9 p.m. curfew. They both could feel the enchanting strings of love touching but always ignored it as infatuation.

Wine And Cheese
Palatial Decor For Wine & Cheese
Bohemian Themed Party
Vibrant Bohemian-Themed Party

As the two business minds were delaying it cupid had to take the things in his hands, and as destiny conspired, Sonali attended the marriage of one of her close friends in the Oberoi Sukh-Villas, she fell ill and was suffering in silence as she never wanted other’s to bother, but one man knew and went all the way to her just to give her the medicines so that she can get relived, and the man was Ujjwal, the gesture was so adored that it finally stroke the chord of affection in both of their hearts, they both were convinced that this is ‘Love’. They were inseparable after that, they dated for a few months until they decided to finally reveal to their families that they both were soulmates and wanted to spend their whole lifetime together. As they disclosed their intense love, their families were overjoyed and welcomed their decision. That’s when they both got rokafied on 26th May 2022.

Sangeet Decor
Setting The Stage On Fire For Sangeet
Sangeet Ceremony
The Couple Posing For Sangeet Ceremony

But there was this one sweet little fantasy that Sonali always wanted to experience and had disclosed to his fiancee many times, now, how can a gentleman not pursue his lady love aspirations? On 9th October 2022 on Sonali’s Birthday, Ujjwal finally thought of making her dream come true, he decorated his house and made special arrangements, and a Cuban singer was called, finally, he managed to convince Sonali who had no plans to celebrate her birthday to come to his house. The moment she came she found her better half sitting on his knee with a beautiful ring and that was when Ujjwal proposed to her in the most iconic way. She was simply enthralled by the surprise. The evening became as another photographic moment of their life to be cherished forever.

Haldi Dance
Team Bride Dancing For Haldi
Wedding Reception
Duo In Love Posing For Their Reception

As the year passed their families kept rejoicing in the festivities and birthdays together getting to know each other, and finally, with the advent of the year 2023, both families started preparing for the D-DAY of their lives. On 8th Feb 2023, before her wedding month, Sonali wanted to move a step ahead and declare her love in then filmy way for Ujjwal in front of all her family and friends for which she arranged a cute get-together where she went down on her knees and said ‘I Love You’ to Ujjwal at the top of her voice. Though both left with blushed cheeks after that from there they started happily ever after. They finally became Mr and Mrs on 9th March 2023 at Shangri-La, Barr Al Jissah, Muscat, Oman seeking the love and blessing of their close ones. The event was flawlessly planned by Gitesh Agarwal (Eventure Event Kolkata).