Sex Menu: A Recipe To Love

Wedding Affair

For a long time, I’ve been yearning for the taste of a man; gentle strokes, tender kisses, exhilarating desires and passionate lovemaking. These euphoric fantasies kept fostering in my mind until Aadvik made them all come true for me!

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I landed on a website that talked about intimacy and pleasure. What captivated my attention was an article titled ‘Sex Menu’. Sex Menu focused on the recipe of love, it was divided into subcategories like appetisers, combo meals, main course and desserts. This article had a unique approach to sex and pleasure. It focussed on a route to be followed for a heart-thumping orgasm, starting right from the appetisers to finishing off with desserts. The appetisers section talked about sensual massages, sexting and foreplay. The combo meals section was all about pleasurable combinations like the combo of anal sex & oral sex, the combo of sex toys & lubes and the combo of breast orgasm & vaginal orgasm. The main course section highlighted penetration and orgasms. The sweet dessert section was filled with lovey-dovey things like hugging, cuddling, kissing & much more. On reading this article my desires were ignited.

It’s been more than a year since I broke up with my last boyfriend. Apart from his emotional unavailability, manipulative behaviour and freshly baked lies what I miss about him was his roguish looks and pulsating love-making prowess. I desperately craved a toe-curling love-making session, girls have desires too, don’t they? It was about recently when I got a crush on one of my office colleagues. His charming looks, deep voice and witty personality captivated everybody’s attention including me. Mundane office hours now became interesting, we were often caught sharing glances, I started dressing up for him, my Instagram now flooded with messages from him and he often made me laugh with his witty banter. My feelings for him grew stronger day by day and I knew it was a two-way street as he was equally interested in taking things forward with me.

A housewarming party became the catalyst to our love saga, where he invited all his close friends and me. My excitement rose like a phoenix, I gathered all my zeal to look my best. I got dressed in a black bodycon dress and kept my tresses open. As I entered the room full of people, my eyes instantly locked with his, all the stars gathered in his eyes when he saw me. I went up to him and congratulated him to which he reciprocated by complimenting my look. Dancing, giggling and sipping cocktails, the party came to an end but not for me and Aadvik. After bidding adieu to all his friends, the host and I chilled on his cosy balcony. The balcony was decorated with fairy lights and small planters, a perfect romantic setup one could have asked for. I knew something magical was about to happen!

We talked for hours and it felt like I had known this person all my life, he felt like home. We shared all our dreams, ambitions, fears and nightmares. Sooner, the conversations got deeper and Aadvik confessed his love for me. My eyes glistened, I hugged him and said ‘Yes’. The lingering hug infused a spark within us, our eyes intertwined and sooner my lips were wet with his kisses. That one passionate kiss was enough to tell me how badly he wanted me. He kept nibbling my lower lip for a while with his arms wrapped around my waist. The nibbling turned into passionate deeper kisses. By now I was aroused enough and couldn’t control but pressed my body against him. He took this as a sign and took charge of the situation, he rolled me over so that my back could face his chest. He tucked my hair to the side and left some sloppy kisses on my nape. Gently he sucked my neck until little moans burst out of my mouth. Cupping my breasts, he glided his fingers inside my dress. His palms were exploring every inch of my body. The ecstasy was hard to control now. I turned around and showered him with wet kisses on his lips while my hands cupped his face.

He gently pushed me on the chair and knelt in front of me. He then rolled my dress up and grabbed my foot. Sucking my toes, he travelled from my ankle to the knee with fluttering kisses. He then rubbed and squeezed my thighs. Parting my legs, he kissed and nibbled on my inner thighs, I felt a spine-chilling sensation and threw my head back. Shifting my panty to the side, he dove into my south and gently licked my love dome. The wet up-and-down strokes of his tongue on my dome felt magical. I could count every exhale and stroke as I savoured this surge of tension through my body. Soon, he started sucking my love dome which drove me wild. My oozing juices were a sign for him to continue the lovemaking. I started moaning in rhythm to his tender strokes on my love mound. My moans were loud enough to make us realize that we should move things to the bedroom. He stopped and looked deep into my eyes, my shining eyes signalled yes as a response. He stood up and swept me off my feet. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started giving him deeper passionate kisses until we reached the bedroom.

He threw me on the bed and started undressing me. Fortunately, I was wearing one of my sexiest lingerie. He gazed at me head to toe and relished every bit of this moment. I was now craving for him to get inside of me and maybe he sensed it too. He was over me and my palms couldn’t stop caressing his back. Grabbing my neck, he slowly flickered my nipples and his hands reached to my navel. His fingertips moved in a circular motion on my navel and went to the south. Removing my satin panties, he entered my cave of pleasure with his fingers. I grasped for a breath. My oozing wet juices made it easy for him to explore every inch of my pleasurable cave. He then fingered me with all his prowess and my moans grew louder. I was lost in the moment, experiencing the ecstatic intimacy I had never felt before. I was beyond ready to take it further up to the climax. My hands unzipped his pants and I wanted to feel every inch of him. As I gently caressed his manhood, I could sense him falling weaker yet firmer for me. I licked and sucked his hardened member until he started gasping for breath. He rolled me over so that I could be under him. I ached for him to get inside of me. The love intensified and so did the pressure of his lower body against mine. He kept pressing into me with a world of force. Each thrust of his into me was getting stronger and harder than the previous one. He kept on pushing me deeper and deeper into the vast ocean of pleasure. I moaned and screamed in pain, his thrusts continued to instigate my yearnings till I reached the pinnacle and could not keep my hands from scratching his back with pleasure. He was almost out of breath and so was I but we kept going until we surrendered ourselves to nirvana with heavy breathing. He kissed my forehead and said ‘You are the love of my life’. Cuddling each other, we rested for a while. I ran my fingers over his cheeks in affection. My love for him knew no bounds. I never could have believed until now that any person could ever make me this happy. But there was this man resting in front of me who introduced me to the euphoria of pleasure. My pink lipstick had faded but now my lips wore the colour of his love!