The Ultimate Guide To The Oral Sex

Oral Sex Guide & Positions - Wedding Affair

Aarav works in a law firm as a litigation officer, his work takes most of his time. An introvert at heart and adept at work, he has no complaints about life. His monotonous life was sailing perfectly well until Siya entered the firm (and his life). Siya was a beautiful girl full of life. Aarav liked her but knew it was just a mere infatuation and didn’t want to do anything about it. Siya wasn’t on the dating radar either and wanted to focus on her work. Sooner sharing glances, working together, having light conversations, and having meals together led to something they both hadn’t thought of. Merely being in Siya’s presence made Aarav feel ecstatic. Finally, he decided to gather some courage and ask her out. Siya who was on the same lovey-dovey boat instantly said yes to his informal proposal and that’s how the duo started dating each other. Long drives, café conversations, and dinner dates became common. Love was in the air for the couple, after goodbye hugs and passionate kisses their love demanded more. Relishing the honeymoon phase of the relationship, Aarav decided to take it to the next level (with her consent of course)! Aarav planned a romantic movie night cum sleepover and asked Siya to come, to which she said yes. Aarav being a perfect gentleman made sure everything was perfect but he had his share of doubts about his sexual performance. He was well aware that one sensual act that makes girls curl their toes and roll their eyes is oral sex so he knew what he had to master tonight. He wanted to transcend his girl to new realms of pleasure but was tensed thinking about the ‘what ifs’. Let’s help Aarav with this oral sex guide article and you might take some cues too to sweep your girl by her feet and to surrender her to the euphoria of pleasure.   

Creating The Anticipation 

Building up the ecstasy before delving into any sexual activity is important. Orgasms are both physical and mental. The mind, body and soul need to be relaxed to reach the pleasurable climax. Create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere to bring your partner in the mood. Good foreplay is the key to better sexual intercourse. Start by kissing your partner and then planting some passionate kisses on the neck. The neck is the most sensitive erogenous zone, it will turn on your girl within seconds. A combination of kissing, licking or sucking her neck will do wonders. Going towards the south, the next most tantalising erotic zone is the breasts. Gently caress, kiss, suck and pour biting sensations in and around the nipple, this sensual act will raise the anticipation. Then go down and plant a few kisses on the inner thigh or gently lick this sensitive area before diving into the love dome. Let your hands explore the other areas while your mouth is at work like caressing the lower belly or grabbing a breast. Another, erotic thing that you can do is keep your partner’s underwear on and then gently stroke the vulva. Exhale heavily right above their panties so that they can feel the heating sensation. This mix-up of hot breath and cool sensations of touches will run chills down their spine. Rub your tongue or your nose on the vulva while your partner’s underwear is still on, this act is steaming hot. When you feel it’s time, you can simply pull their underwear to the side and delve into the region. 

Techniques For Clitorial Stimulation 

The clitoris is the most sensual part of a female anatomy. It is the sensitive pea-like structure located on the top of the vulva. It has many nerve endings which makes this body part extra sensitive. The mantra is to pay all your focus on the pea-sized hood known as clit or clitoris. It is the only part through which vulva owners can orgasm. Other parts like the labia and surrounding area can raise the heat but clit is the part where all the magic happens opening new doors of pleasure for your partner. Slowly move your tongue around the clit to build the sensation, remember to keep the pace steady. Giving pressure to the clitoris with your tongue, you can either move your tongue in up and down motion or try going side to side. Keep track of which technique your partner is enjoying more and continue doing it at a consistent pace. Sucking on the clit is enjoyed by many women. After licking the love dome you can also switch to sucking it. Start by slowly sucking it with your lips and then with your lips and tongue together. You can also try a figure 8 motion on the clit and then lick the labia. Some women like it rough and some like it soft, it is necessary to know your partner’s preferences and follow accordingly. Reaching the climax, especially for women, takes time. Give extra time and love to the vulva. Once your partner shows signs of enjoying, stay consistent with whatever you are doing. Do not switch the speed, pace and position of the tongue or you might lose the flow. 

Tips For Extra Stimulation 

Along with clitoral stimulation, many women also prefer extra stimulation. This extra stimulation includes licking or sucking the lips also known as the labia and penetration either with fingers or with the tongue. The lips or the labia are sensitive areas. You can start making love to the love dome by spreading the labia with your fingers this will give you more exposure. The clitoris will now be easily visible and your partner will feel everything you do more intensely. Try stimulating the area of both outer and inner lips with your wet tongue for extra sensation, you can also use a lube. If your partner is into penetration while receiving head then you can try penetrating the vagina with a finger or two. Lightly move your fingers inside and circle the G-spot while your mouth focuses on licking the little hood – the clit. Tongue penetration feels heavenly. You can try delving into the cave of pleasure with your tongue. You can simultaneously switch between the clit and the vagina, whatever feels more pleasurable to your partner. Another subcategory of oral sex is – analingus also known as rimming. Analingus is the act of orally stimulating a partner’s anus. Licking, kissing, and sucking can stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in and around the anus and rectum. Along with cunnilingus people also enjoy rimming. Sex toys can make the sexual act more playful and fun. To raise some heat and make the act smouldering you can incorporate sex toys in your lovemaking. You can use vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps—whatever you’re into. It can be a great addition to having a healthy sex life.

Oral Sex Positions 

The Kivin Method

This is not a very common position to give a head. This method involves the receiving partner lying on their back and the other partner lying on the side so their body is perpendicular to the partner’s body. This position offers a new angle, increased vulva stimulation, and the potential to reach more sensitive spots.

Sitting On The Face

The most favoured position, this posture offers a good angle for the giver. This position fuels up the intimacy as you can have eye contact with your partner while they ride your face. With this position the receiver’s body is also exposed, you can grab the breast or the butt and make the act more enthralling.

Oral Sex From Behind

This position takes inspiration from the doggy-style position. You can give your partner head from behind and indulge in some playful rimming as well, spicing up the sensual act. Women who enjoy rough sexual acts will love this position.

Sitting Down Oral  

This position involves the receiving partner to sit on the chair. Drape their legs over the sides of the chair, this will give you easy access. This position can also give you the pleasure of sub-dom roles. You can ditch the usual and try it on a kitchen slab or living room table.