Intimacy ‘To-Do’ List 2023

Intimacy - Wedding Affair

Since we are in the wind of notepads filled with new resolutions for the new year, let us pen down to creating a to-do list with the ultimate intimacy goals — ones that will give you chills down there.

Every ‘happy ever after’ love story has been through a rollercoaster ride to achieve their white picket fence dream. The initial adrenaline rush is replaced with a sense of tranquillity and comfort. While that is a beautiful feeling- we often forget sensual intimacy is a huge part of it. We get lost in the humdrum of the world and do not notice the deep desires of our partners that they might be hesitant to unveil. One way to discover your partner’s encrypted desires is by abandoning your monotonous spree by creating a different kind of a ‘to-do’ list.


After an exhausting day at work, when your partner comes home to find your boot full of erotic accessories, nothing will beat that look on their face. However, magic will jump through outer space if you bring the element of surprise. Experiment with the trusted furry handcuffs or vibrators in a surprise box for each day. To make it even better, light some scented candles, add a can of whipped cream, put on seductive music and blindfold them to awaken the final sense — arousal.

Role Play Is No Child Play

Get serious with this one. Remember Ross fantasising about Princess Leia in ‘Friends’? That’s the cue — dress up as your partner’s favourite character. You can decide things in advance, in a serious meeting at a restaurant where you’re both strangers, trying to ask her out again. If going for a surprise, you can put on a costume show without dropping any hints and watch the intense change in ‘bedroom-events’.

Say It. Scream It.

When you’re with your partner, one of the best ways to express yourself is by saying precisely what you want and how you want it — or maybe skip the latter. Don’t deny your inner self the pleasures you have been mooning since the last flip of ‘Fifty Shades’. Researchers say when you and your partner vocalise your feelings, it steers ecstasy like never before, making you reach the epitome and wanting more.

Kamasutra, The Road To El Dorado

Go back to the roots of erotic pleasures by revisiting Kamasutra. Although the text dates back to thousands of years, it still holds the answers to capturing and resurrecting a new chapter of intimacy. Try different positions out of the 64, to be precise, setting new goals each time. Harness the power by mastering each to awaken a deep connection.

Hard Talk - Wedding Affair‘The Erot-cist’

No, we are not talking about the horror version but spotting light on several erotic films that have nothing in common with adult films but lead you to the same conclusion. Research says that watching and listening heighten our overall senses; who knew listening to others moaning could bring pleasure? Novel concepts can inspire you to experiment, stirring raw sensual energies around you.

For Change, Lead The Way

If you’re used to following the lead, here’s your chance to break the glass ceiling. Surprise him by taking charge. Initiate with a date at a romantic restaurant for dinner, ordering oysters or other natural aphrodisiacs to give them a subtle hint of your intentions. Later, let them relax while you lead the way speeding things from the secluded parking lot. This role reversal is novel and can exhilarate when they discover another side of you.

Strip Club Hopping

If you’re wondering whether to go to a place with numerous men and women dropping to show their very best, you can, of course, with a few ground rules. Decide what you expect from such explorations and your limits as a couple — challenge your comfort zones. You’re in for an electrifying night that might be just the spark your bedroom tales need.

Often, many find it tough to represent themselves with their sexual desires because most of living the modern world sees erotica as nothing more than a taboo. But a relationship comprises two halves — love and intimacy- without the latter the former is incomplete. Our ancestors knew that and had our temples depict the same in unachievable artistry. At times when you’re timid to show yourself to the other half, try to resort to more straightforward solutions like sharing. So, the last item to check off is being kind in acknowledging your partner’s needs.

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