Spotted: The Reboot Of Gossip Girl

Gossip Girls

Hey Upper East Siders! looks like those rumours are true: Gossip Girl is officially coming back. The show, following the lives of wealthy teenagers, took teens, tweens and twenty-somethings by storm, and made stars out of Blake Lively, Penn Badgely and Ed Westwick – while scandalising more conservative critics and parents. Though they were meant to be in school, the characters were daring, drinking and dabbling in criminal behaviour more often than they were in their maths class.

Gossip Girls

The ‘Gossip Girl’ reboot will now focus on a whole new cast of Manhattan’s elite. The reboot term applies because the new series, which is rumoured to have 10-episode season one order, will follow a new group of private-school teens who come under the watchful eye of Gossip Girl. Set eight years after the original website went dark—thanks, Dan Humphrey!—the new series will take a look at just how much social media has changed. This new cast of wealthy Upper East Siders will have an even harder time trying to avoid the all-knowing gaze of Gossip Girl.  Does Gossip Girl use Snapchat now? The original series aired from 2007-2012. The characters had phones and social media, but nothing like we know it today.

Gossip Girls

Will any of the original Gossip Girl cast be back? That’s one secret HBO Max will never tell… for now, at least. Ironically, details about the show are being kept secret for now. It might be wishful thinking but we wouldn’t be too surprised to see a cameo from Blair Waldorf or Serena van der Woodsen, though. It remains to be seen whether the extension will feature the same level of social commentary and witty repartee – but here’s hoping for plenty of Blair Waldorf-style one-liners; a bombshell as hopelessly lost as Serena van der Woodsen; and another generation of AmEx-wielding New York teens with just as questionable morals as Chuck Bass.

Until then… You know you love me!


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