Summer Skincare: Do’s And Don’ts

Summer Skincare: Do’s And Don’ts- Wedding Affair

Summertime is here and along with it is back with the scorching weather that will take a toll on our skin. The hot weather that will harm our skin in the summer has returned, and it is here with the arrival of summer. We’ll wish to avoid photos and parties as a result of the excessive perspiration and embarrassing pimples. Although we can’t completely solve the problem, we can always try to lessen its effects with effective summer skincare. You can keep your skin healthy throughout the summer by following WA’s comprehensive guide to what to do and what not to do.



Summer Skincare Do's- Cleansing- Wedding AffairSummertime sweat and excessive oil production clog skin pores and prevent adequate skin breathability. These result in rashes, acne, and other skin conditions. Therefore, to get rid of excess dirt and clean the pores, you must wash your face or use a cleanser twice a day.


Summer Skincare Do's- Sunscreen- Wedding Affair Sunscreen aids in shielding our skin from UV rays and their harmful effects. Sunburn, early ageing, and a higher chance of developing skin cancer are just a few of the skin issues that exposure to UV radiation can bring on. You cannot, thereby, forego using sunscreen as part of your regular summer skincare regimen. Even in the rain, apply sunscreen, but of course not at night.


Summer Skincare Do's- Moisturize- Wedding AffairYour skin might become dehydrated in the summer due to the intense heat, so it’s crucial to keep it moisturized. Your skin may be showing signs of dehydration if it becomes greasy. To prevent itself from drying out, your body will increase the production of sebum. If you have oily skin, use a mild matte moisturizer for your summer skincare.

Face Scrubs

Summer Skincare Do's- Scrub- Wedding Affair The summer is the season to always exfoliate. The summertime heat increases sweating, which also increases sebum and skin cell build-up, clogging pores and causing hideous outbreaks of acne. However, scrubbing frequently should be avoided because it might irritate skin and lead to rashes.

Use Lighter Formulations

Summer Skincare Do's- Lighter Formulation- Wedding Affair The apparent result of the oppressively humid weather is sweating. A thick facial cream may additionally block pores due to the enlargement of skin cells, which causes oil to become trapped there. Additionally, the heat of the summer encourages the growth of more bacteria, which makes it simpler for your skin’s barrier to pull them out from anything you touch. For improved summer skincare, use products with lighter formulations, including those that are water-based.

Night Cooling Masks

Summer Skincare Do's- Mask- Wedding AffairCooling masks can heal dry, swollen eyes, lessen dark circles under the eyes or puffiness from chemical therapies, make your skin look more youthful, increase blood flow, and generally refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Use a night cooling mask every few days with hydrating ingredients like Aloe Vera and watermelon or antibacterial ones like lemon to restore your skin after a stressful day of sweating.


Facial Oils

Summer Skincare Don'ts- Facial Oil- Wedding Affair Heat harms our skin and it needs some oil to make it look active. Our skin tends to be more likely to perspire in the summer, therefore hydration needs to take on a somewhat different form. It will form an extremely thick film over your skin’s surface and obstruct airflow because of its naturally thick composition. For nourishment, one may utilize gels or thin creams and lotions for face oils.

Over Cleansing

Summer Skincare Do's- Over Cleansing- Wedding Affair Due to sweating and moisture, our skin gets greasy in the summer. It can look dull, so we often over wash our skin to keep it gleaming. However, excessive washing is going to dry up your skin, and if your skin has a greasy texture, it will produce excessive oil, defeating the purpose of cleaning. It is sufficient to wash your face twice using a gentle cleanser that is water-based and If you need to wash your face during the day, do it gently and only using cold water.

Hot Showers

SUMMER SKINCARE DON’TS- Hot Showers - Wedding Affair Warm water can cause dry skin by removing your essential natural oils. In contrast, cold water tightens skin, restricts blood flow, and gives a feeling of healthier and shinier skin. It causes dry skin, disrupts keratin cells, and further hinders the cells from retaining moisture.