#SkincareForSummer: 4 beauty essentials to carry this summer


Hello ladies! The summer is here and you’re all set to slay in that sexy outfit of yours, but before that, you need to have a look at a few summer essentials to carry along with you at all times during this summer.

Block the sun: Sunscreen


Well, the summers sure seem to be the right time to flaunt your #BikiniBod and your pretty wardrobe hues, but what about your skin? Is your skin really enjoying the scorching heat? We don’t think so! So, just to prepare skin for this summer, the first essential you need for your tiny handbag is a suitable sunscreen according to your skin type. This way you’ll be able to protect your pretty face from all the sunny rays and still enjoy your beach day.

Refreshing face mists

Who doesn’t like a touch of refreshing spray on your face to #BeatTheHeat this summer? Do not worry about your pretty face as we have you all backed up. The second essential in your #Summer101 guide should a refreshing mist to spray a refreshing touch of cool essence on your face. You should ideally think of buying a pocket-size face mist just to have an instant solution for all your summer troubles. You can either use rose water as mist or any other mist that suits your skin type.

Make way for matte: Nude Matte Lip tints

Well, even though summers are all about sweaty and sticky faces, but that should not stop you from focusing on your makeup. So, the third essential tip to make way for matte lipsticks. Make sure that you have a nude shade matte lipstick in your travel kit this summer. The nude lip tints will keep your face look glammed up at all times, and well c’mon nude shades are suitable with all your outfits and they’re a perfect fit for a summer break.

Blooming fragrance


We’re coming back the mists, but this is about spraying a blooming fragrance on your body and not your face. Summer brings along a lot of uncomfortable aspects especially that of sweaty afternoons and sticky vibes. But once you decide to keep a flowery fragrance with you or even a perfume might work, just in order to avoid any irritability and just to keep your body refreshed at all times.

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