Seeking help from Sitcoms: ‘Reel’ life couples inspiring ‘Real’ life relationships 

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Whenever we see a tv show or sitcom there is always one couple that is the backbone of the show and inspires us to never give up the chase. Speaking of those there are several shows that you might’ve binge-watched and been obsessed with the lead couple, right? Well, so here we have a few inspirational couples that might give you #CoupleGoals to follow, from some of the greatest sitcoms ever.

Ross and Rachel


Well, since the memory of the reunion special is still fresh then, how can we not mention them. Ross and Rachel from friends are one of the most iconic couples in sitcom history mostly because of their chemistry and their constant chase for their love life. The thing that inspires us is the fact that they never stopped loving each other even when they were on a “break” (or not, maybe we haven’t reached to a conclusion yet, right?) You can decide which side you stand but you can’t argue about their feelings for each other.

Marshall and lily

Marshall and Lily are the parents of the group in How I met your mother. Marshmallow and lilypad are always supporting each other no matter what. They always have each other’s back and have their own unique ways that define them. They exactly know how to cheer the other person up and they’re always having a blast. What else do you want in your partner? So, I guess they’re definitely worthy of being labeled as #CoupleGoals

Leonard and penny

big bang theory

This couple shows us that opposites do indeed attract and can have a happily ever after. Leonard and Penny from the Big Bang Theory, are opposites in every sense of the word, but still, they find a way to work things out and they found their route back to each other. It is a couple that no one would’ve thought would work but boy were people wrong. They even manage to handle Sheldon which is a very tough task for anyone, so yea, they’re a power couple that you need to be inspired by.

Jake and Amy

Jake and Amy from Brooklyn 99 are the couples that we didn’t know would inspire us like this but they are the coolest and there is in fact no doubt in this. The fact that they work together and are different in so many ways but yet they are perfect together. Jake and Amy are some of the most real couples in terms of sitcoms who can inspire us like no one ever did.

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