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Learning the meaning of pre-wedding rituals

Wedding Affair presents some pre-wedding rituals that have a beautiful deeper meaning for the bride and groom.

Rituals that welcome a new bride

Wedding Affair presents some rituals that make the bride feel welcome a part of the family in her new home!

Western rituals that you can include in your Wedding

Here Wedding Affair enlists five Western wedding rituals to make your wedding more meaningful, to put in a way.

Why new couples don’t like these customs and rituals

Wedding Affair mentions some of the archaic customs and rituals that the new couples try to avoid these days.

New-age Customs & Rituals for Gen-Z couples

Wedding Affair recommends adding new rituals to make your wedding a more personalised affair. Here are a few modern customs.

Mandatory Symbols Of Marriage

Traditionally, there is more to marriage in India than just celebration and fun. Various customs and rituals are associated with marriages which portray the...
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