Apart From The Seven Circumambulations For Societal Customs, Also Take Seven Vows For Your Spouse Privately

Seven Personal Vows - Wedding Affair

What is a wedding if not a customary affair? But what it entails is an everlasting marriage. The seven circumambulations implicate the importance of building a firm foundation for a healthy marriage relationship. However, those circumambulations are due a well-worth update as the relationships progress into the diaspora of the 21st century.

There are a lot of trends that couples follow these days. Pre-wedding photo shoots and videos have become a staple. However, we would like to introduce you to a private ceremony that just requires you and your spouse. For your personal discretion, we have prepared a list of vows to take in private with just your spouse.

1. I Vow To Ensure Your Consent Matters The Most In The Relationship

To ensure your safety on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, is your spouse’s duty. No matter if you’re the bride or the groom, you have to ensure that your partner feels safe with you on all accounts. Be it physically, emotionally, sexually, or spiritually. As people you’re both bound to differ in your opinions. However, how you deal with that difference is what sets the tone of the relationship. So provide them that sense of safety for your marriage to entrench you both with this loving bond.

2. I Vow To Respect Your Individuality And Will Cherish It As Part Of You After Our Marriage

More often than not, we get so caught up in this life-altering change in our lives that we forget about our individuality. You have to ensure that you keep your own individuality intact so that you can provide space to your spouse to be their individual self as well. This may come-up in differed opinions, points of view, or even doing things by yourself at times. It is important to cherish the novelty of this budding relationship. However, for this emotional bond to withstand the test of time, it’s absolutely essential to maintain your and your spouse’s individuality.

Seven Vows3. I Vow To Protect Your Person-hood And Always Make Sure You Know That You Matter

A marriage is not just an amalgamation of two souls, but it is also a coming together of two families. New relationships, new bonds, new testaments take place with this big step. In this process, ensuring that the individual person-hood of your spouse is not lost in translation is going to be a tricky but indispensable part of your new life. For both the bride and the groom, it is crucial that you support the person-hood of your spouse in front of your family so that they feel supported and less burdened under the expectations of everybody.

4. I Vow To Always Hold You Accountable Whenever You Mess Up And Hold Myself Accountable For The Same

Accountability is such a basic necessity that we often tend to overlook. Holding your spouse and yourself accountable for mess ups is what’s going to set the sturdy foundation of your relationship. It gives them the idea that they can look for a compatible companion in you and always turn to you for reasonable advice when they mess up. It is vital to understand that everybody messes up, what makes the difference is how you deal with those differences.

Seven Vows Wedding5. I Vow That I Will Own Up To My Shortcomings And Try My Best To Get Better At Them

The successor of accountability? It’s owning up to your shortcomings and pitfalls. It takes immense amount of courage to accept that you’re bad at something and you’re going to take steps to improve. This shows your sincerity not only to yourself but towards your relationship with your spouse. We recommend that you make a dedicated time slot each week to talk about your feelings with your spouse and how things could have gone better. Take note of all the feedback you get from your spouse and work towards sincerely becoming better at those shortcomings. This will also show that you’re reliable.

6. I Vow To Always Strive To Become A Better Person And Help You To Become The Best Version Of Yourself As Well

A couple is a team who is enacting the sport of life. You have to realize that as a team, you both have to work together. Become each other’s support system and accountability enforcement. This will forge a pathway of a strong relationship that’ll last you both a lifetime. Form a friendship before you fall in love. It will help you understand each other as individuals. Also giving you opportunities to explore the depths of your own selves along with each other. Support your spouse and they’ll support you. With this harmony, a life-long relationship is bound to commence.

Vows For Wedding7. I Vow To Cherish The Small Things With You So That They Take The Shape Of Bigger Happiness In Our Lives

Imagine you come home after your a long and exhausting day at work. You enter the hallway and find your spouse curled up on the couch. They welcome you and tell you that pizza is on the way and there’s leftover ice-cream of your favorite flavor still awaiting you in the fridge. The blow you a kiss and tell you to freshen’ up before joining them for the movie marathon. This little scenario has the potential to melt all your exhaustion away. What would be more better than giving your spouse more of such little experiences? These little things cause ripple effects of big waves of happiness in your lives. Embrace them, cherish them, and unconditionally fall for your spouse.

Seven Personal VowsWith these recommended promises as vows, we hope that you and your spouse are able to build a strong foundation for your relationship. A wedding is an affair that last a couple of hours, however, a marriage lasts forever. With these promises, we hope you and your spouse nurture your budding relationship into an everlasting one.