Top 10 Dating Trends In 2023: Finding Love and Connection

Dating Trends 2023 - Wedding Affair

Love and dating constant evolve with time. As we have observed the first half of 2023, exciting new trends are visible in the dating world, that are promising to reshape the landscape of modern romance. If you’re tired of the traditional dating scene or feeling disheartened by past experiences, these top dating trends are here to breathe new life into your love life.

From breaking free from preconceived notions to embracing clear communication and balance, these trends offer fresh perspectives and opportunities to forge meaningful connections. Whether you’re seeking a casual fling or searching for one, these trends are your guide to finding love in the new year.

Let’s dive into the top trends that will transform your dating experience in 2023:

Open Casting

Open Casting Dating

Love Island might have popularised having a particular ‘type’ in dating, but in 2023, the dating scene is all about open casting. This trend encourages individuals to think outside the box and be open to dating people who might not fit their traditional preferences or preconceived notions of an ideal partner.

Instead of rigidly adhering to a checklist, daters are urged to explore connections based on shared values, interests, and emotional compatibility. By embracing open casting, individuals can break free from limiting beliefs and discover exciting new connections they might have overlooked.

Guard Railing

Guard Railing

In a world where ambiguity and mixed signals have become common in dating, guard railing is a refreshing trend that promotes honest and clear communication about what each person is seeking. Dating apps like Hinge have recognised the importance of transparent intentions and have added a ‘relationship goals’ section to facilitate these conversations.

Guard railing involves setting emotional boundaries and being intentional about how one puts themselves out there in the dating world. By openly expressing desires and expectations, daters can avoid misunderstandings and align with partners with similar relationship goals, whether casual flings or serious commitments.

Love/Life Balance

Love Life Balance

The fast-paced modern lifestyle often places heavy emphasis on career ambitions, but in 2023, the trend for love/life balance is gaining momentum. This shift is led by Gen Z and millennials, pushing back on the notion that work should precede relationship happiness. The trend gained traction during the pandemic when people prioritised self-care, rest, and personal connections over professional success alone.

This desire for balance has extended to dating, with individuals seeking partners who share their values and are open to prioritising relationships alongside career aspirations. For daters, finding someone who understands the importance of maintaining this equilibrium becomes paramount in fostering a healthy and fulfilling long-term relationship.



In 2023, fitness enthusiasts will have a new way to find love – through ‘facing,’ the fusion of fitness and dating. As people become more conscious of their health and the company they keep, fitness dates are on rise. Activities involving physical exercise, such as hiking, cycling, or yoga classes have slowly replaced traditional dates with movies.

Fating promotes a healthy lifestyle and allows individuals to connect with like-minded partners who share their passion for fitness and well-being. Combining endorphin-boosting workouts with the potential for romantic sparks creates an innovative approach to dating that resonates with health-conscious individuals.

Budget-Conscious Dates

Budget Conscious Dates

As the effects of inflation persist, daters are becoming more mindful of their spending habits in 2023. The trend of budget-conscious dates is rising, with individuals seeking affordable and creative ways to connect with potential partners without breaking the bank.

Traditional expensive dinners and lavish outings are replaced with more modest yet equally enjoyable activities, such as picnics in the park, free community events, or exploring local landmarks. This trend fosters a genuine focus on getting to know each other and reflects a shift away from materialistic dating norms towards more authentic and meaningful connections.

Non-Monogamy on the Rise

Non-Monogamy On The Rise

As society becomes more open-minded about diverse relationship dynamics, the trend of non-monogamy is gaining acceptance in the dating world. Gen Z Hinge users and LGBTQ+ individuals, in particular, report exploring non-monogamous arrangements or being open to them.

This trend reflects a growing awareness and acceptance that different people have varying relationship preferences. Non-monogamy allows individuals to explore connections on their terms, fostering a sense of freedom and open communication within the dating landscape. As the conversation around non-monogamy evolves, this trend allows daters to connect with partners who share their values and preferences.

More Women Making the First Move

Women Making The First Move - Dating Trends

In 2023, women are taking their power back in the dating world by making the first move. Dating apps like Bumble have long encouraged women to initiate conversations, and this year, the trend is also spreading to other platforms. Women are increasingly feeling empowered to express interest and take the initiative in starting conversations with potential partners.

This shift not only challenges traditional gender roles but also leads to positive outcomes for women, as they often receive more likes and matches when they make the first move. By breaking the ice and initiating conversations, women can actively shape their dating experiences and find partners who appreciate their assertiveness and confidence.

Sober Dates

Sober Dates

In 2023, sober dates are gaining popularity, with more individuals opting for shared activities over traditional dates involving alcohol. Daters are discovering that genuine connections can be fostered through meaningful experiences that allow them to get to know each other more deeply.

Sober dates provide an opportunity to engage in conversations and activities without the influence of alcohol, encouraging a more authentic connection. Activities such as hiking, cooking classes, art exhibits, or coffee shop conversations have become the norm, proving that meaningful connections can flourish without alcoholic beverages.

Situationships Gain Validity

Situationships - Dating Trend

In the past, the term ‘situationship’ often carried a negative connotation, implying a lack of commitment or a confusing dating status. However, in 2023, this trend is changing as more individuals embrace the idea of situationships as a valid way to describe their connections. Rather than rushing into labels or predefined relationship statuses, daters are now more comfortable exploring new relationships’ grey areas.

Situationships allow individuals to take their time to get to know each other without feeling pressured to define the relationship immediately. This approach fosters open communication and the organic growth of emotional connections, paving the way for more authentic and lasting relationships.

Virtual Reality Dating

Virtual Reality Dating

As technology advances, we are increasing enhancing our means of interpersonal interactions that build relationships. In 2023, virtual reality (VR) dating is set to revolutionise the dating landscape. Imagine being able to go on virtual dates with someone from the comfort of your own home, feeling like you’re sitting across from each other at a cosy café or exploring exotic locations together.

VR dating platforms have become the face of sophistication in the online dating world, allowing users to create lifelike avatars and interact in virtual environments. This trend opens up possibilities for long-distance couples or those hesitant to meet in person initially.

In 2023, love is an adventure that you need to explore, and these trends are your compass to navigate the world of modern romance. Embrace the changes, be open to new experiences, and stay true to yourself as you embark on a journey to find love and meaningful connections. With these top dating trends at your side, the possibilities are endless, and the sparks of love await you in the new year and beyond. Happy dating!