Sex, Relationship & Life: 5 New Year Resolutions To Start The New Year With A Bang!

New Year Resolutions To Improve Sex Life - Wedding Affair

New Year is incomplete without taking resolutions, no matter if you ace them or mostly fail them like you do every year (we are guilty too) you still tend to take new resolutions every year in the hope of accomplishing them, isn’t it? Apart from your work-life goals, relationships, family and monetary factors, one more element that is very important is your sex life. This year, we are pledging more sexual experiences that are consensual and pleasurable and we are counting on you too. Make your bedroom experience steamy, enthralling and sexy by adding a few elements to your lovemaking. Here are 5 New Year resolutions that will improve your sex life and you can begin the New Year with a bang!

Resolution 1: Communicating Feelings With Your Partner 

Communicate Feelings With Your Partner

If you want your relationship to sail smoothly one thing that you need to work on is communicating your feelings. You might have always heard that ‘Communication is the key’, it is indeed true. Communication is the foundation of every relationship. Make new year resolutions of communicating your feelings to your partner without any hesitance. Communication can not only improve your relationship but can enhance intimacy between the partners. Be vocal about your feelings, your needs, your desires, your fantasies, your fetishes, what turns you on in bed and your turn offs with your partner. This will help your partner to understand your sexual needs more deeply and then they can act accordingly in bed to make you feel pleasurable. 

Resolution 2: Incorporating Lubes & Sex Toys

Lubes And Sex Toys

Life is boring sometimes, so why make sex boring? If you have got bored of mundane vanilla sex then it’s time for some experimentation. Try to incorporate lubes and sex toys in your lovemaking which will spice up things in the bedroom and will enhance your sex life. Lubes make the sex play more fun and easy. It helps to combat vaginal dryness and eases the pain during sexual intercourse if any. Scented lubes add an alluring fragrance to the private parts making it easy for you to indulge in oral sex. Incorporating sex toys during physical intimacy is equally important. 80% of the women can only orgasm through clitoral stimulation, this is where sex toys come to help. While you are rocking your partner’s world you can use a sex toy (vibrator) for clitoral stimulation. This way pleasure and orgasm become a two-way street, where you and your partner both reach the euphoria of pleasure together. 

Resolution 3: Trying New Sex Positions

Trying New Sex Positions

How fun and spicy it would be if you suggested your partner try one new sex position every month? Just a suggestion (winking)! Trying different sex positions can do wonders for your sex life. Having sex in those few sex positions like missionary, cowgirl, or doggy style will dim the spark in your sexual relationship, after a point of time it gets boring because now you and your partner know the specific route and get used to the process. Ignite the fire between you and your partner by trying different sex positions. Brownie points if you could switch the ambience too. Take things out of the bedroom, have sex on the sofa, on the kitchen slab, in the bathroom, in the balcony, in the garage, the possibilities are countless. 

Here are a few unusual sex positions you can try to increase the ecstasy between you and your partner. 

The Golden Arch

Golden Arch Sex Position

The Eagle Sex Position 

The Eagle Sex Position

The Chairman 

Chairman Sex Position

Upstanding Position 

Upstanding Position

Scooping Sex Position 

Scooping Sex Position

The Pretzel Dip

The Pretzel Dip

The Snow Angle 

The Snow Angle

Resolution 4: Planning Sex With Your Partner 

Planning Sex With Your Partner

Planning Sex >>>>> Impromptu Sex! 

Taking your partner off guard and indulging in wild sex is amazing but planning your sex and indulging in sensual sex is something else. With the start of 2024, make new year resolutions to make sure you and your partner start planning romantic dates and sex dates this year onwards. When you plan a date, it gives your significant other the idea that you thought of them and have put effort into planning the date. Similarly, sex dates which are planned are more exciting. Take some time out from your hectic work schedule and plan to have sex with your partner. Mark the dates and let your partner know subtly about your dirty intentions by sending them a random text while they are at work or slightly discussing the topic right before going to bed. This will foster excitement in your partner’s mind. Now you have ample time to decide the sexy lingerie that you will be wearing that day, or you can use some props to make the game more enticing like melted chocolates, strawberries, and handcuffs. Do not forget lubes and sex toys. 

Resolution 5: Hygiene & Wellness 

Hygiene And Wellness

Intimate hygiene and wellness play a crucial role in elevating your sex life. If your intimate parts are healthy you can enjoy sex more vigorously. In 2024, make a promise to yourself to keep your intimate areas clean and hygienic to foster your overall health. Wash your intimate areas regularly with mild soap, groom them from time to time, wear well-fitted undergarments, and eat healthy food to foster your intimate health. Eating foods that reduce sweat and odour in your intimate areas ensures that you stay healthy and safe. Citrus fruits and leafy greens help maintain your hygiene down there and are good for overall health. 


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