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Virtual Reality (VR) has taken the tourism industry by storm as the global borders remain shut due to global pandemic of COVID-19. With a gloomy future and no business at all, the tourism departments have resorted to virtual means of promoting locations. While some are live streaming certain events, others are providing virtual tours. A complete 360-degree tour with complete control on where you head, you can totally enjoy the experience. This also clears the carbon footprint of the tourism industry. Hence, the wellness of the earth also heavily depends on the future of VR globally.

According to a report published by Research and Market, VR, in the next five years, will impact travel and tourism significantly, reports Daily Monitor. “VR offers the potential to create substitute experiences that may be useful for heritage and natural preservation,” Ralph Hollister, the author of the research says. Hence, Wedding Affair brings you some interesting virtual tourism experiences that you can enjoy during the lockdown. Some, you can just enjoy through your social media. Others, are more defined and structured and require forms and participation.

Rent A Finn Campaign By Visit Finland

Rent A Finn

UN World Happiness Report 2020 names Finland the happiest country in the world for the third year in a row. When the country was honoured with this earlier, Visit Finland had launched an interesting campaign. Travellers were selected across the globe were selected through applications and appointed a Finn Ambassador each. In 2020, considering the pandemic situation, the country got even more creative. This ‘Rent A Finn’ will connect with a much larger audience through screens. Through this, they will teach the world how to enjoy the Finnish way of living. People can apply and join on their website.

Experience The LA, Maldives Sunsets

Maldives Sunset
CNT India

A large number of people facing zoom call fatigues or general anxiety. And they just want to unwind at the end of the day. Now that they can’t just pack their bags and leave for exotic locations just like that, they are resorting to live streams. Hence, now one can witness Falhumaafushi and Dhigurah sunsets of Maldives via their Instagram Live streams. Not just that, you can watch the sun sink into the glittering Pacific Ocean too. Los Angeles Tourism has been live-streaming the sunset from Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach, daily.

Amazing Thailand Virtual Tours

Bangkok – Vecteezy

Tourism Thailand’s website boasts of elaborate virtual tours. The website states, “Let’s Go Places! Time Now To Use Technology To Cope With Cabin Fever. With These 3D Virtual Tours, You Can Now Enjoy The Charms Of 10 Destinations––Mostly On The Fringes––In 9 Provinces Around Thailand.” Visit this link to enjoy your virtual journey. Also, CNN had earlier reported that Vietnam and Thailand could look at creating a travel corridor over the next few months.

Enjoy Egyptian Locations

Smithsonian Magazine

Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced the release of five new virtual tours of historic sites, adding to the range of online adventures that you can now embark on from home. The tours explore the tomb of Meresankh III, the tomb of Menna, the Ben Ezra Synagogue, the Red Monastery and the Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Barquq. Smithsonian Magazine has posted this. Thereby, each virtual experience features detailed 3-D imagery through which users can “walk” by clicking hotspots along with the structures’ floors.

Enjoy These Indian Sites


In an interesting initiative by the Ministry of Tourism, a webinar was conducted in April. This was for a virtual tour of Assam and Meghalaya. This webinar was reportedly attended by 3,654 domestic and foreign participants from Afghanistan, Canada, France, Germany, Pakistan, Singapore, Spain among various others. Even Rajasthan Tourism has also launched an interesting ‘Rajasthan from home’ campaign. Therefore, this lets the enthusiasts experience the wonders of state and culture in Rajasthan.

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