101-guide to prevent all kinds of hair damage

hair damage

Regardless of how many masks or miracle oils you apply to your hair, it’s almost impossible not to experience some kind of hair damage in your lifetime. While the term hair damage is pretty broad, the most common forms of hair damage include split ends, heat damage, color damage, chemical damage, and hair loss. The good news? With the right knowledge, you can keep hair damage to a minimum or even avoid it altogether.

Split Ends

The best way to slow down split ends is by getting regular trims. If you’re wondering, how often is regular? It simply depends on your hair type. Pay attention to the ends and trim [split ends] as soon as they reappear. Trim your hair every three to five weeks depending on how quickly you get them. If regular trims are out of the question, try split end repair serums.

Heat Damage

Heat damage can be controlled by having a bit of will power, and essentially limiting heat styling, especially for curls. However, we realize this isn’t always realistic. In this case, the number one rule is to adjust the temperature for your hair type. Adjust the temperature setting – on both irons and blow dryers – according to your unique hair type. For example, fine hair and color-treated hair needs a low setting in order to achieve the best shine and results. Using a heat protecting serum or spray can also be a great way to help protect hair during heat styling.

Colour Damage

Before you book your next colour appointment, do your research and find a reputable colorist who is familiar with your hair texture. Every type of hair reacts differently to color and that’s why it’s best if your colorist has experience with your texture. Be super careful when dying your hair lighter and advises against using bleach.

Hair Loss

Stress causes hair to shift from the growth cycle to the resting cycle, in which it is more likely to fall out. Your diet also plays a significant role. When you don’t get the vitamins, minerals, and protein that your body needs, it can cause hair to fall out. As a preventative measure, it’s best to have a healthy lifestyle and take vitamins known to be effective for healthy hair growth.

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