4 DIY Lip Scrubs


We guess that all you girls and boys are quite buys taking care just of your face, and while you’re at it you tend to forget about your pretty lips, right?

Well, not to worry as we have a list of DIY lip scrubs that all the boys and girls can use quote efficiently, and make your lips look plumper and healthier. 



First up in our storage kit of DIY lip scrubs are Coconut, sugar, and honey. All you need to do is to mix one tablespoon of coconut oil, with two tablespoons of sugar along with a pinch of honey along with some lukewarm water. Once you stir the three elements together you’ll find a thick paste. Now take the paste from your fingers and start exfoliating your lips just to get a softer touch and a refreshing feeling. The healing properties of honey and coconut oil will help you give your lips a hygienic do-over. 

Brown sugar+ Honey+ Lavender essential oil 

Homemade for Elle

As mentioned above honey has some antibacterial properties and sugar on the other hand is a perfect ingredient for exfoliating your lips. And just to top it up the essential lavender oil helps keep your lips hydrated and gives you protection from sunburns. Mix the three ingredients, and rub them against your lips and let it sit for a while. And there you go, just after a little effort, you’ll get your perfect and shining lips on fleek. 

Cinnamon Powder+ Honey+ olive oil 

Hello Glow

Well, now this is not just a scrub, instead, it’ll help you give plumes lips so are you ready for a ‘Kylie Jenner’ kinda pout? Of course, you are, who isn’t?! All you need is to do is to mix half a tablespoon of each ingredient and make a paste out of it. The next step is to apply the mixture to your fingertips and scrub it through your lips gently. This will help you remove all the dead skin and cinnamon powder will definitely give a certain plump to your sexy-looking lips. 

Orange peel+ Almond oil+ Brown sugar


Are you struggling with dark and discoloured lips? Well, if yes then you should try the orange peel DIY scrub for the same. Mixing the three elements will help give your lips nourishing treatments and a perfectly even tone to your lips.