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An Indian wedding is an affair full of customs and rituals. One such eccentric Indian ritual is that of Haldi. Haldi ceremony takes place...

Lavender For Your Wedding Decor!

Wedding decor trends in India are ever changing. It all started off in the 70's when wedding decor was all about synthetic tents. Things...

The meaning behind Hindu Pheras

The ancient Hindu heritage is believed to be the oldest existing religion. Sanatan Dharma has a wide range of traditions which some believe even...

Nikon: a beautiful essence of capturing moments

One just can’t let go of the mesmerizing feeling and aura of the weddings without capturing them, and Nikon seems to have taken this job by heart

Things to keep in mind for your destination wedding: Pandemic edition

Listed below are a few things that all the people planning to organize a destination wedding during the pandemic should keep in mind

Pros and cons of astrology in marriages

speaking of traditions have you ever tried to weigh some of the pros and cons of astrology in marriages?

Turn your small affair into a grand one!: Wedding edition 

we have a few perfect ideas to turn your intimate pandemic wedding into a grand one. 

Adorning traditions: 5 b-town brides following ‘red’ as their bridal choice 

No matter how trendy do these pastels hues appear to be, but the traditional red bridal lehengas are like the OTP of Indian weddings.

How to plan a destination wedding!

Here are some super easy tips and hacks by Wedding Affair will make you want to plan a destination wedding, ASAP!

Know this before you head to your honeymoon

Here are things you should know when embarking on your honeymoon. Take a look at these things, shortlisted by Wedding Affair.

Ingredients for the best cocktail party

Wedding Affair enlists best cocktails you can include in your wedding menu for the maximum class and delicacy and also maximum fun!

A last-minute guide for a spring wedding

Wedding Affair enlists some of the points for those who plan on getting married in the coming beautiful months of spring.