5 Fresh Ideas To Ace Your Proposal

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Every girl dreams of a perfect proposal. That beautiful moment when a man unexpectedly presents a ring to the girl of his dreams is a memory that no girl will ever forget. Remember the amount of effort Kanye West went through to propose to Kim Kardashian? Love him or hate him, Kanye definitely set the bar for over-the-top proposals and it seems almost impossible to top it. However, you can always make the affair a more memorable one for your beloved and here are a few ideas that can be helpful to sweep your lady love off her feet.

 1. A Candle Heart


Make a giant heart-shape with the use of candles. Light up all the candles as soon as evening falls, blindfold your beloved and escort her inside the area enclosed by the candle heart. Bend down on one knee with the ring in your hand and ask her to open the blindfold and then, pop the question. The candlelight will surely elevate the moment. Make sure to have one of your friends record the proposal as it is sure to be a visual marvel with all those candles in the shape of a heart.

 2. Walk Down Memory Lane

The daily meal

Take your lady love to the place you went for your first date. Start talking about how much fun it was the time you went out for the first time, the things you talked about that day, order the same food and tell her how great your journey has been with her. Ask her if she’d like to be a part of your journey forever

 3. Proclaim Your Love At A Sandy Beach



Most women love the beach. Take her out for a perfect afternoon picnic at the beach and as the sun is about to set, write the proposal message on the sand and ask her to come see what you have drawn and she most certainly will say ‘Yes’!

 4. Holiday Cheer


Who doesn’t love Christmas mornings? Wearing those warm fuzzy pajamas and opening presents. This is the best time to propose to your girlfriend. Just wrap a box with Christmas wrapping and put numerous smaller boxes inside the box and make her open all of them till she reaches the box with the ring. And trust us she’s going to be more than happy to tie the knot.

5. Trail Of Flowers

Serenity Springs

When your love is out having a good time with her friends or shopping or just running errands, make a complete trail of flower petals from the front door to the bedroom and use petals to spell out “Will you marry me?” She will definitely not be expecting this and will surely have tears in her eyes as she says yes.

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