5 Glamorous Date Looks Inspired By Ananya Pandey


For dates, you are supposed to look your glamorous best. It is imperative that you dress in the best of attire especially if you are planning to show up on your first date. The first impression is sure not the last impression but it sure is a very lasting impression. If you don’t plan it well you might never get a second date with someone you really like. This is not a risk that you would want to take.  Wedding Affair shares the 5 most glamorous looks inspired by Ananya Pandey so that you can take your cues. 

1. Flirty Skirt


Go for a super flirty pink skirt and complement it with a white top. Complement the look with sleek ponytail while leaving a few strands loose. Your date is bound to be impressed.

2. Flowy Dress


Opt for a flowy red dress to mark your impression. Pair it up with casual shoes and statement earrings to elevate the look. 

3. Peppy Look

Pick a baby pink skirt and pair it up with beige top to curate a look that is well put together for a date. 

4. Checks are in!


Opt for a checkered black and white two-piece to impress your date thoroughly. Complement the outfit with minimal jewellery to make your look stand out.  

5. Off-shoulder Dress


An off-shoulder dress is also a good option if you wish to pull off a sexy yet casual look. Opt for a dress which has ruffles or is layered to add the flirty touch.

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