5 Monsoon Hair Care Tips For The Bride-To-Be


Monsoon is here and we know that you cannot stop adoring and drooling over the cold drizzles and the misty mornings. The season to let your hair loose and dance in the rain is back, so make the most of it. Don’t let hair problems get in your way of relishing the true joys of the monsoon season. Here are 5 must-know monsoon hair-care tips to protect your tresses from undue damage, so that you can experience the best of rainy days.

1. Hair Washing Ritual

HairMonsoon brings with itself frizzy hair, excessive hair fall and itchy scalp. During this season, you will need to put show some extra-love to those enviable tresses of yours. Make sure that you use a mild shampoo during this season that helps remove dirt from your scalp without leaving it undernourished. 

 2. Oiling

OilingCause your hair can never do good without a thorough champi. Nothing conditions your hair as much as a hair massage. It not only nourishes your hair for better growth but also helps keep the natural moisture of the scalp.

3. Extra Care For Frizzy Hair

HairTo keep the frizz lengths away from your hair, make sure you are taming them with a serum after your hair wash. A good hair mask shall leave your hair feeling nourished. One good way to keep your hair silky and sleek is to soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and then wash your hair with the water. This home remedy shall work wonders for your mane.

4. Diet 

HairEat lots of food rich in protein, Omega 3 and iron. Sprouts, chicken, fish, nuts and seeds can help to keep your hair healthy and breezy. 

5. Combing Right

HairStart using combs that have wider teeth to prevent breakage. Avoid combing wet hair. Make minimal use of hair dryers. 

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