5 Skincare Secrets of Models That Every Bride Should Know


We all want glowing skin, irrespective of whether the day is going to be eventful or not. Ask any going-to-be bride and she will tell you that her life depends on it. God only knows what all the would-be brides do to achieve that flawless bridal glow. From sticky facemasks to the elaborate Korean beauty regimes, they have certainly tried it all. Well, some of them work wonders while others are simply a waste of time. So, why not opt for the tried and tested method? Here are the 5 skincare secrets of models that every bride must know:

  1. Water Based Products

Supermodels swear by water-based cosmetics to keep their skin hydrated. Eleana Fernandes shared that water-based products bring the right kind of glow to her face. She also uses aloe vera gel to keep her skin well moisturised.

2. Multi-Masking

No matter how many masks you put on your face. It is always less. Hydrating the skin is imperative. Take time to try out various face-masks just so it doesn’t run out of its natural moisture. This is Heather Mendorp’s go-to technique to keep her skin ultra-hydrated.

3.  Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil has gained popularity in recent years and not for nothing. Super model Megan Puleri uses tea tree oil to cleanse her skin thoroughly. Since tea tree oil is antibacterial, it clears the skin off any blemishes and clears the pores thoroughly.

4. Steam Cleansing

Olivia Hunter chooses to clean her facial skin with a facial steam. She says that the dirt and toxicity stuck in your skin gets all cleaned out as you cleanse your face with hot steam.

5. Good Diet

Arlette Evita Grao, yet another supermodel suggests that a clean diet is a secret to glowing and healthy skin. She keeps her intake of dairy products a  naught. Citrus food and coconut water keeps her skin extra-hydrated.


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