5 Unique Things To Witness At A Marathi Wedding


Weddings from every region have a unique speciality. In different parts of India, people celebrate weddings differently and have their own traditional way to tie the holy matrimonial knot. Marathi wedding outshines the rest of the weddings because of its simplistic and austere wedding customs. It is simple yet it does not fall short of the exuberance and vivacity that marks a wedding celebration. One must certainly witness the gleam and glow of an authentic Marathi wedding. Wedding Affair shares the 5 unique things to witness at a Marathi wedding.

  1. Wedding Ensemble


A Marathi wedding attire catches one’s attention because of its sheer simplicity. The bride wears a traditional Paithani saree while the groom dons a silk kurta or a bandhgala and a dhotar.

2.  Ganpati Puja


A typical Marathi wedding never takes place without first praying Lord Ganesha. Praying Lord Ganesh is an old wedding custom amongst the Marathis which is also considered a sign of good omen.

3. Antarpad Ritual

Function mania

One very interesting wedding ritual is the Antarpad. During the ritual, a cloth is hanged between the bride and the groom. The cloth is only removed at the auspicious time when the wedding proceedings shall begin.

4. Quirky Rituals


Every wedding has one or two playful rituals. Among the marathis, the groom’s ear is heald and twisted teasingly to remind him of the responsibilities that he will have to bear after the marriage.

5. Emotional Kanyadan


In a marathi wedding, the kanyadan is performed a little differently. The kanyadan holds much significance and is indeed the most emotional wedding moment for the bride as well as her entire family.

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