Fun Games For A Traditional Wedding


Indian Weddings are filled with rasams, poojas and lot of tedious ceremonies that require patience and calm. While the bride and groom are at it, the guests often start looking for other fun activities to do so that the entire drill becomes even more fun! Wedding Affair has suggested a list of activities that and games that the bride and groom can give a go in-between the ceremonies. These will lift up the mood and spirit of the gathering —

  1.     Passing The Cushion


Remember Hum Aapke Hain Kaun? This game must be played when the entire family has gathered together, and what better occasion than a wedding! This game must be played at night when the ceremonies are over and everyone wants to relax. The gathering sits in a circle and a cushion is circulated between them while the music is played. As the music stops, the person holding the cushion has to do a task.

  1.     Spotting The Wife


This one was played in Jodhaa Akbar. Perfectly apt to play when the groom visits the bride’s house to pick her up for the first time. Several ladies stand with their veils and the husband has to spot his wife!

  1.     Fishing The Ring

    Dreaming Loud

This is one of the most popular wedding games in India. A ring is thrown into a bowl of milky water. The bride and groom fish for the ring together. Whoever wins is known to have a dominant position in the relationship.

  1.     Find The Ring Finger


This is a game where the bride encloses the fingers of one hand into the fist of the other hand. The groom has to guess the ring finger out of the bunch and vice versa. This is another game which is known to establish dominance upon winning.

  1.     Shoe Game

    SouthBound Bride

This game is deeply influenced by western culture. The bride and groom sit back to back with each other’s shoes in their hands. A question is asked. The couple answer by the show of shoes.

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