5 Ways To Level Up Your Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Cards - Wedding Affair

Wedding invitation is your guests first impression of how the wedding would actually look like. You can either make it or break it. Let your creativity flow and embrace the invite for your big day. Invites can be curated in diverse ways, from the font of the script to the colour schemes there are vast number of ideas to design an invitation card. We have put together few ways which would help you make your invitation card stand out and leave the guests awestruck.

Make It Vintage

Vintage Style Wedding Invitation

Vintage never goes out of style. Embellish your wedding invitation card with olive motifs, hand painted florals, retro calligraphy fonts, deckled edges and make it reminiscent of Victorian era. Sealing it with wax would just add icing to the cake. Pour the wax that has been melted into a tiny pool and simply press an initial or an artwork into the wax using a wax sealer tool. This would enhance the idiosyncrasy of your wedding card design and make it stand out. 

Simplicity Is The Key

Simple Wedding Invitation

Make a statement by using warm tones and a shade of blush. Glam it up with a combination of pastel shades and floral water colours to give off a chic and minimalist vibe. Use varying shades of white, blue, pink and grey to keep it neutral and place it into a solid colour envelope. This would give your invitation card a debonair look without coming across as over the top.

Bring Out The Venue

Venue On Invitation

Make your destination a focal point by giving its impression in your marriage invitation card. Use theme specific tones and eye catching colour schemes to subtly depict the venue. Go for tropical tones for beach weddings and vibrant colours like red, orange and yellow for traditional weddings. This would highlight the essence of the destination while keeping the couple the star of the show.

Personalize It

Personalise Invitation

Give your wedding card personal touches and make it outlandish by adorning it with custom crests and caricatures.  Accentuate your love saga with a dash of humour and leave the guests in splits. Use comic strips and illustrations to showcase your journey and curate DIY projects like tags, belly bands and ribbons. Personalizing cards is an enthralling process which brings the families together and makes the card look impeccable. 

Glitter Is Always An Option!

Glitter Card

You can never have too much glitter. Add a sprinkled glitter effect to your card to give it a polished and elegant look. Embrace it with foil stamps and make it even more graceful by guilding the edges with metallic colours like rose gold, copper and bright gold.