Captivating Sangeet Decor Ideas

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Less Words, More Bollywood

Among the many pre-wedding ceremonies that occur prior to the wedding, sangeet is the one where the party begins. Unlike the other ceremonies like haldi and mehendi where it’s about rituals, sangeet is all about relishing happiness and dancing the night away. The sangeet ceremony allows the families of the groom and the bride to know each other in a less formal setting. Traditionally sangeet ceremony was only celebrated by females however with the change in time sangeet has evolved into a much bigger and larger-than-life event. For such a fun event the décor needs to be fun as well, so let your hair loose and explore these trendy sangeet décor ideas.

Bollywood Glam

Are you and your other half both Bollywood buffs? Then the fun Bollywood theme is apt for your sangeet night. Embrace the magic of Bollywood with a thematic decor that pays homage to iconic movies. Use film posters, film reels, cut-outs and classic cinema-inspired elements to transport guests into the glamour of the Indian film industry. Incorporate movie quotes or dialogues as part of the decor for a personalized touch, further, you can even customise movie posters with your caricature and names, doing this will surely make your guests laugh.

Colour Fusion

Infuse the Sangeet venue with a burst of colours that reflect the celebratory spirit. Choose a vibrant colour palette, incorporating rich tones like royal blue, fuchsia, red, yellow and green. Drapes, cushions, and floral arrangements in these hues can transform the space into a lively and visually appealing setting. You can even add colourful lights to further bring life to the decor. Combine this décor with live DJ to make your guests move with joy.

Starry Night

This décor trend is something that never fades away, after all, who does not love lights and shimmer? You can achieve this décor by adding tons of fairy lights and lanterns around the venue, string lights and lanterns add a touch of magic to the ambience. Hang fairy lights across the ceiling or drape them around pillars for a warm and inviting glow. Combine them with colourful lanterns to create a whimsical atmosphere, reminiscent of a starlit night.

Retro Vibes

This décor trend is perfect for an old soul, take your guest back in time with a retro theme. Retro décor not only adds old-age charm to the venue but also creates nostalgia for the guests. Transport the celebration back in time with a retro-themed decor. Incorporate vintage elements like vinyl records, retro posters, and neon signs. Play with bold patterns and colours reminiscent of the bygone eras to infuse a sense of nostalgia into the atmosphere.

Floral Elegance

Flowers have always been a symbol of love, elevate the decor with abundant floral arrangements from floral canopies to flower curtains. Consider marigolds, roses, and orchids in vibrant shades. Floral walls, centrepieces, and even hanging floral strings can infuse the venue with a fragrant and luxurious aura. Adding loads of flowers to the sangeet décor will not only enhance the décor but also leave the venue smelling like a dream.

Arabian Nights

We all grew up listening to the stories of Aladdin and various other Arabian night tales, these childhood tales are fond memories. Well, sangeet décor doesn’t need to be traditional, it can be anything you want, so why not surprise your guests with a unique Arabian night-themed sangeet décor? You can set up lamps (obviously not Aladdin’s magical one), rich-coloured curtains, floor seating, ottomans, cushions and candles. Combined with this you can even add trained belly dancers, sufi ghazals, shawarma stations and sheesha bar to further elevate the experience. This theme will surely win the hearts of your guests and will also introduce them to a new concept.

Mystical Garden

Transform your sangeet venue into a magical garden, this décor trend is all about bringing the outdoors in. Create an ethereal setting with a mystical garden theme. Adorn the venue with fairy lights, faux grass carpets, and oversized flowers. The ambience can be further enhanced with hanging vines, creating an enchanting garden under the stars. This sangeet décor creates a romantic setting which will make everyone fall in love.

Dance Floor Delight

A sangeet ceremony can never be complete without a dance floor, A sangeet in itself is a ceremony where people get to dance. Bring life to the dance floor by making the dance floor interactive, install LED dance floors that respond to the rhythm of the music, adding an interactive and dynamic element. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also encourages guests to hit the dance floor with enthusiasm. Having this at your sangeet will mean people not leaving the dance floor.

Karaoke Night

Are you done and bored with the regular sangeet themes? Try having a karaoke-themed sangeet, after all, everyone loves singing, even if they are a bathroom singer. Karaoke night screams fun, and will surely make your sangeet an entertaining night. Karaoke is in fact a glorified and modernised version of old-school antakshari which used to be really popular in the 80s and 90s, having a karaoke at your sangeet will bring guests from all age groups together. You can even have a little competition and throw in categories to further add fun.

Neon madness

Don’t want the regular golden and white lighting at your sangeet? Worry not go Neon!! Adding neon lights to your sangeet décor will add an extra LIT vibe to the ceremony, it is not only unique but also grabs attention. Unlike the fairy lights neon lights aren’t blingy and still manage to add glow. Add neon elements to the sangeet décor by using neon signboards, glow sticks, rope lights and lamps.

Disco Dewaane

Set the sangeet mood on by having a disco-themed wedding. Adding disco balls to your sangeet décor is a fun trend that will make your stage shine like a supergalaxy. Combined with disco balls, add funky Bollywood songs to make your guests shake their legs. It is a perfect sangeet idea for couples who want to dance all night and glam up the ceremony.