Foods that can contribute in improving your sex drive


Food is extremely essential for every aspect of your being and your sex life is no different. We always have an urge to improve our sex drive and some of us go to any lengths to improve it. All the artificial things can affect your health in a big way whereas food is a natural substance that has no side effects whatsoever.



The first fruit that comes to mind, in this case, is strawberry as it is beneficial for both men and women. The main ingredient present in strawberries is its seeds which have zinc. Zinc helps both men and women in their own respective sex drives. A man’s zinc level may decrease during sex so it’s safe to load up on it.


Watermelon is well known for energizing your body and increasing the hydration levels of your body, however, most people are not aware that watermelon is responsible for improving your erection. In the case of a women’s sex drive, it is responsible for improving vascular health. Plus it is delicious so what’s stopping you from having one.



Is there anything that avocado doesn’t help you with? Avocado is enriched with vitamin B6 and folic acid which are essential for your sex drive. It helps with the energy in the body during the act and also keeps the hormones in check when it comes to women. It is an exotic fruit that has a fair share of perks.


Walnuts are the first thing that the doctor suggests when there is any problem with the sperm or fertility. It is a big help for your sperm in every way possible like the movement of the sperm, shape of the sperm, and vitality. If you’re having any kind of problems with fertility, having a walnut once a day should be a must for you.

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