7 Games For Your Next Girls-Night


There is no doubt that spending time with our girl gang is the best part of everything; college, school, office or anywhere. From talking for hours shopping, we like to do everything with them. But the best fun comes in the sleepovers. To make your next sleepover with your girl-gang more fun, here we have 7 games to rock your all-girls night!

  1. Desi Charades


    We all have played charades in our childhood. To make the game more interesting, you can add some desi movies or songs on the list. If you are truly a Bollywood fan, you’ll love it.

  2. Never Have I Ever


    This game will never get old. To add a twist, instead of asking questions by yourself, you can find some random questions generator. This will add some spice and thrill.

  3. Blind Fold Make-Up


    One of the people will be blindfolded and others will try their hands on that person’s face. You can be artistic, as much as you can.

  4. Spill The Secret


    Even if we swear to share all the things with our best friends, there are still some secrets left. When all of you guys are together, you can actually share the things you haven’t shared.

  5. Strip It


    A person will be asked some juicy or controversial questions. If the person doesn’t want to answer, she has to remove a part of her accessories or clothes. So basically, it would be better to be smart and answer the questions (with all your heart).

  6. Twister


    The game is all about balance. There are all the guidelines with the game. It gets very interesting when three or four people play it together.

  7. Ludo


    Reminding us of our old days, this game is forever. You can play it anywhere and anytime. We just hope that nobody flips the board in the end.

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