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Who said that a wedding look doesn’t need accessories? Right kind of accessories can definitely constitute to a depth in your wedding look. An accessory is the kind of addition not every look has, but the kind every look deserves. Adding accessories helps to also complete the look. It further elevates the entire appeal of the look. From belts to anklets, which accessories are best-suited for a bride? Wedding Affair has ideas for some gorgeous accessories for you to try out in your wedding look. 

Metallic Watch

The Jewellery Editor

A vintage-style metallic watch can elevate your overall ethnic look like no other! From a bestowed gift from parents to investing in an extravagant jewellery timepiece, we recommend all! A watch is a symphony for your rustic elegance and the simplest way to touch it with a subtle shade of beauty! Also, watches have always been a symbol of a focused person. It imbibes a vibe of punctuality, discipline and a brooding character. Hence, styling a watch on your wedding day can add an extra touch of mystery to your look.



Brooches are accessories that highlight the dainty elegance of the adorner. South Indian brides love to experiment with the brooches. Try the brooches with floral or animal designs for an ultra-modern touch to your bridal attire. Coloured gemstones to adorn the vermillion or monochrome bridal attire will accentuate your look to the hilt. A large number of international brands design beautiful brooches that can lend an edge to your personality. Invest in one gorgeous brooch accessories that can elevate your most basic lehenga to an haute-couture level. 


Sabyasachi has taken this trend and perched it on the top of a bridal wishlist. Usually, a Sabyasachi belt will have a royal Bengal tiger buckle style. But brides have been truly inspired by this trend to try their own styles of belts for their bridal outfits. In the past, Anushka Sharma donned the classic Sabyasachi belt on her wedding reception. Since then, people have been crazy about this trend forever now. The new brides can try various other styles of belts to give a western touch to their traditional bridal outfits. Other popular designers in the country are also slowly adapting the belt trend in their ethnic outfits as well.

Potli Bag


The humble potli bag can add a flamboyant appeal to your entire bridal outfit. In recent years, so many of our favourite Bollywood celebrities styled a gorgeous potli bag with their lehenga. Hence, this trend is hard to miss. A bride with a red bridal lehenga, styled with a golden potli bag looks extremely stylish and gorgeous. Basically, this bag has a drawstring closing and therefore is easy to carry and style. Heavily embellished ones are the best for the brides. Everything from intricate embroidery to heavy mirror work can be seen in bridal potli bags. These are the perfect ethnic accessories.



The Indian bride wishes nothing but to shine from head to toe in her wedding. She wishes to be the queen of the ceremony. They leave no stone unturned to select out the perfect outfit, jewellery and accessories for every occasion and ritual. Even they adorn their feet with fabulous mehndi arts and its important to choose the perfect anklet to compliment them. The traditional silver anklet with a ‘twist’ is the style of the contemporary bride. Silver anklets have been worn by women traditionally too as it is believed it strengthens our body. They are perfect to be worn with a stunning Kancheepuram silk saree. 

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