Wedding destinations for the monsoon and autumn!


The amazing vistas of the world remain shut amidst the global pandemic condition, but there are a few of us who long enough to travel! Well, we do understand! Many couples await further announcements to plan their dream destination wedding. And considering the current situation, it ought to be closer home than further away. So, Wedding Affair shortlists some amazing Asian destinations for you that you can think about for the time to come.


Time Out Dubai

It’s hard not to admire Dubai for its indefatigable verve, ambition and ability to dream up and realise projects that elsewhere would never get off the drawing board. This is a superlative-craving society that has birthed audaciously high buildings and palm-shaped islands. Sci-fi concepts such as flying taxis, a lightning-fast Hyperloop train and an army of robocops are all reflections of a mindset that fearlessly embraces the future. This is one of the must-visit destinations. (Source: Lonely Planet)



It’s said that September is the month that signals the end of the rainy season and the revival of the lively tourism atmosphere. If you want to go to the sea in this month, we recommend that you go to the Gulf of Thailand because the monsoon season still lingers in the Andaman Sea. You can also head North to indulge in the morning mist atmosphere because the Northern destinations of Thailand has a lot more than mountains and a cold breeze to offer in September. One of the highlights is a long-lasting tradition in Lamphun province: the Salak Yorm Festival. (Source: Tourism Thailand)



Though nominally one of Japan’s three autumn months, September can still be quite hot in much of Japan. Hokkaido is the exception where temperatures cool and the leaves begin to change colour. Beach resort destinations tend to empty out as beach season is declared officially over, but beach trips are still a viable option with the added bonus of fewer crowds. With summer holidays over and people returning to work and school, it’s not just the beaches that see fewer crowds, but much of Japan in general. (Source: JNTO)


Data Center Dynamics

Having stopover in myriad places in Indonesia is what makes this country a wonderful place to visit. The beauty of scenic natural landscapes blended with the various unique culture of its people. Enjoy the untouched beaches, mountains, lakes, and many more pleasing destinations as well as the magnificent city skylines throughout the country. And when you decide to see them all, a visit won’t be enough to embrace the wonders of Indonesia. (Source: Indonesia.Travel)



Malaysia is a beautiful Southeast Asian country, situated near the equator. It is created by merging two different regions; one is Peninsular Malaysia and the other one is East Malaysia. The country is one of the biggest tourist attractions in South East Asia and Malaysia tour package is one of the most searched items on the internet. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visited and explored this beautiful country. Malaysia truly has some of the fascinating tourist destinations in the world. Malaysia is a place of diversity and so many Malaysia holiday packages for visitors to explore.

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