Adapting to married life: Relocation tips for new brides.

Congratulations you’re finally married! And we understand that you are filled with so many emotions at this point and now that your new life awaits you with your spouse you have too many questions in your mind as well. But marriage can be different for different people and everyone has a different way of dealing with it and have different perspectives about it too. As brides, you are told that marriage means it’s time to pack your bags, move out of your home and leave your family whom you feel the most comfortable with and this emotion can be quite overwhelming. So how do you deal with these emotions and fear of a new relocation in your life? We can’t assure you an absolute solution but transitions are always new and with a little help any emotions or fear can be overcome.

But yet marriage is subjective and not something you need to be scared of. Here are a few tips to make yourself feel comfortable as you try and relocate your life after marriage 

Make new friends both inside and outside your family 

People in your in-laws home will be different from the people whom you have lived with within your home. They are bound to have different opinions, languages, ideas and experiences on various things. In these recent times, people are more open to understanding once you try to understand them. Make friends with them first and keep an open mind and try to blend in so they get comfortable with you. You can also make new friends outside your home by talking to your neighbours, attending some social events or parties and participating in some organisational activities.

Social practices and new lifestyle


Try to adjust to your new lifestyle and   culture when you are married and a re stepping into a fresh life out of your home. With everyone forgetting their culture and heritage today, it’s best to learn and understand social practices and cultural norms. Keep in mind that there are in-laws who are aware that they are used to managing the household, career, children, and finances their way just because they have been doing it successfully for year’s and they don’t expect as much from the daughter laws. Most parents these days don’t want to impose their ways on anyone.

Return to your job if needed 


To make yourself feel normal and in place, it’s always a good option to join back in your job.  Most women don’t want to have a long period of gap in their career, so it’s best to try and  join some training classes if you’re picking a new career or get back on track with your previous job. You can also learn about doing some online business over the internet and earn money working from your home so you feel grounded and have enough space for yourself. 

Adapting to the new place, environment and people can be a very confusing experience for anyone, and it would be good if you face all these challenges by yourself without anybody’s support. The experiences you cone across will make you stronger and overcome your challenges.