Bang on Belts for Your Waistline


Accessories play a huge rule in upraise your entire outfit. Be it hand jewellery, or scarves, bags, shoes, hats, or belts. Wait. Did someone say belts? Rather than fastening up your seatbelts, why don’t we look into fastening up our waist belts?! Many designers have proclaimed that belts are indeed one of the most minimalistic yet powerful accessories that can add life to your clothing. And today we have picked the most talked about belts of the season –

  1. Metallic Belts
Eye catching gold metallic belt.

Metallic belts are no strangers from the fashion industry. Designers are experimenting new looks from pairing them over traditional attires to matching the right ones with power suits. Even social media influencers are catching up on this. While the most trending pick for the metal is gold toned, you can also go for the silver metals. Make sure that these sit right above your waist to create that cinched effect in the right proportions.

2. Fabric Belts

Fabric belt with a pair of shorts.

This is one of our favourite picks. Fabric belts are usually made of the material that they are constructed with. Yes, in most cases these belts come along with your high waisted shorts, skirts, or trousers. Rarer cases involve purchasing them separately. Going back to the point, fabric belts are commonly made out of soft cotton, suede, and satin. If you want to attain an effortless look by concentrating on your waist area, this is the perfect pick for you.

3. Braided Belts

A thin braided belt.

If chic has a synonym, braid belts it is. A smartly constructed belt with the appropriate amount of compactness, that has a raw touch to its dense finish. You definitely need this one when you wish to use only one accessory to turn your outfit into something that is thick skinned. You can opt for a narrow-braided belt if the outfit involves a dress, and broader braids if you are wearing bold trousers.

4. Corset Belts

Power belt – Corset belts.

Best suited with plain and flowy dresses and shirts, corset belts are another favourite. This one is an absolute stunner which can be seen donned by various celebrities also. Inspired by the vintage corset tops and gowns, these cover your entire midriff area. The only way to rock this is to pick an oversized t-shirt, shirt, or a dress, and secure your abdomen with a solid-coloured corset belt. Throw on some leather boots and a huge hat, and you are ready to rule.

5. Chain Belts

Accentuate your plain outfits with a chain belt.

Another oomph belt has to be the chain belts that have been circling around the social media. One of the most versatile kind of belts, these are easily available too. One can sport a chain belt over denim jeans, shorts, skirts, bodycon dresses, and even the thighs! Serving the right scintillating factor, chained belts were inspired by the ones worn by belly dancers to bring attention to their smooth moves.

6. Knotted Belts

A tan knotted leather belt.

In simpler terms, these are an innovative variation of the classic leather belts. It also has some layers to it to add texture. A broad leather waist band is used as a base and a pre-tied knot is stitched over it which is adjustable to suit the needs. Initially when a belt worn by a person lost its elasticity or hold, people fastened them up by tying a knot, and this later on was turned into a style that is not at all disappointing.

7. Statement Belts

A unique statement belt.

Another must have in your wardrobe is a statement belt. While some may assume the above to be statement belts too, this one hits a little different. Anything that is abstract and goes over the top of your outfit, but is placed on a movable strap. Bold colours, animal prints, ultra large buckles and odd sizes is what makes a regular sash, a statement belt.