Behold the Promising New Entrant in B-Town: Teena Singh



Life is not a bed of roses, and even if you sprinkle roses on your bed then and now to feel the bliss of the ‘idiom’, you have to go through the entire process of plucking the thorns out first. Success does not come in a box of chocolates and we couldn’t explain better without the inspiring example of Teena Singh, the dusky model who is about to launch herself in B-Town with A.R. Murugadoss’ Akira, releasing on 2nd September.

The journey uphill, from a bar tender to a successful model with over 70 commercials to her credit was never easy, but it helped her land exactly where she wanted to be. She was always resplendent. The first time she joined hands with Wedding Affair a few years ago, to shine as a face of our modeling campaigns, she posed in front of the camera, with confidence and charm and not much has changed about her passion and determination.

IMG_2099 (1)

Breaking stereotypes of flowing long tresses and breaking through fair skin worshippers in the industry, Teena, with her petite appearance and expressive eyes is all set to fly into the list of ‘true beauties’.“To me, every girl and boy is beautiful or handsome. I do not judge beauty on the basis of skin tone and unnecessary physical traits. It emerges from the spirit of a person, their struggles, and how they have allowed their experiences to shape themselves.” Teena shares. If her opinion does not stir your emotional side, her performance in ‘Akira’ definitely will.


Catch her performance this Friday, 2nd September, as she marks her debut in B-Town as the strong and silent college bully, who replaces the ‘stereotype’ fashion Goddess – Queen B concept as she puts all her minions and ‘might’ into bulling her prey ‘Sonakshi Sinha’.